Nintendo Switch drops in price: the standard model now costs less

Nintendo Switch cala di prezzo: il modello standard ora costa meno thumbnail

In view of the exita of Nintendo Switch OLED, the standard version of the Nintendo console has suffered a price drop in Europe, which leads it to cost € 299.99. The Japanese company has confirmed that this drop in the purchase price will be permanent, while the OLED model, which will arrive on October 8, is expected to cost € 349.99, for a difference between the two models of € 50.

Nintendo Switch drops in price

It is official, the standard model of Nintendo Switch will also drop in price in Europe. This was confirmed by Nintendo itself, which stated through the official website that the new reference price will be € 299.99. It is not a big change to be honest, given that it is a really not very incisive reduction, especially if we consider that the leaks indicated the new price as of 270 €.

We also point out that the Lite model does not appear to have been affected by this change in cost, as its price is still € 219.99.

In any case, it is a more affordable option than the OLED model, which will be marketed at a price of € 349.99. The change in pricing is therefore mainly due to the willingness of the Kyoto house to make these two consoles coexist as complementary devices, making sure that one does not conflict with the other.

In this regard we find it useful to remind you that Nintendo Switch OLED is scheduled for release on October 8th is that there is already a lot of excitement around its release. In North America, in fact, the console sold out within a few hours, but not always thanks to honest users. In fact, many pieces have been purchased by touts, who are now reviewing them at increased prices ranging from 600 to 1000 dollars.

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