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Panda Security’s tips for maximizing PC security

Panda Security has compiled a list of 10 useful tips to maximize the safety of your PC on vacation. With a few tricks you can use your PC in total safety, avoiding any risk related to the many cyber threats that characterize the world of the web. Here are the details:

Panda Security’s tips for PC security on vacation

Panda Security has collected a list d10 tips for the safety of your PC on vacation. The first piece of advice is represented by the importance of always make a backup, so that you can save your data and avoid the risks associated with data loss. Also note the importance of turn off all computers and devices you are not using like many IoT devices.

It is also important lighten your PC, removing everything you don’t need. To achieve this, you can rely on Panda Cleanup. Also note the importance of use a PC that is always up to date (also regarding the antivirus). The importance of use common sense to fight phishingone of the main threats on the web.

Another Panda Security tip is related to the” access to corporate or private e-mails using public networks without due protection. Best to avoid in this case. Then we must download only the trusted apps, coming from safe and certified stores. Another useful tip is to resist the temptation to post detailed information on social media.

Furthermore, for all web services, it is always better to rely on multi-factor authentication solutions. Also, watch out for USB removable drives which are often a distribution channel exploited by malware.

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