Panini also enters the Italian Esports Observatory

Panini, the historic brand that made football players’ stickers immortal, joins the Italian Esports Observatory

OIES is the first Italian B2B networking platform and training for operators in the sector, and in recent times it is welcoming more and more among its ranks prominent members. In fact recently Panini, the historic brand that made the figurines of footballers, has joined the Italian Esports Observatory.

Panini strengthens its position in the world of Esports by joining the OIES

With the entry into the Italian Esports Observatory, the path taken by Panini di attention to the gaming market. The process began this year with the publication of the stickers of the pro-players on the album “Calciatori 2021”, and is aimed at making the most of emerging opportunities.

We are experiencing a very intense phase of expansion of our network. The start of the collaboration with a historic and prestigious brand like Panini only confirms our ambition to become the main business accelerator of the Esports market. The opportunities for digital application of Panini’s assets are enormous and we, thanks to the expertise of our members, are ready to provide the right support.

Panini also enters the Italian Esports Observatory

This is a short statement issued by Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, the two founders of the OIES. Thanks to this important collaboration, the Italian Esports Observatory continues in its work of aggregation of non-endemic investors in a rapidly developing sector.

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