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Parma goes Electric, new scenarios of the ecological and digital transition

The event was held on Saturday 18 September in the setting of Piazza Ghiaia Parma goes Electric. The purpose of the event was to analyze the continuous evolution of the sustainable mobility, telling how the Municipality of Parma is at the forefront of the transition to electric mobility thanks to a forward-looking vision and private partners involved.

The event was attended by numerous leading figures in the sector: Tiziana Benassi, Councilor of the Municipality of Parma, Alice Colombo, Head of Marketing di Be Charge e Coal nut, General Manager of Autocentro Baistrocchi – Eurocar Italia Group. Here are the details.

Parma goes Electric and sustainable mobility


A scenario fully embraced by Be Charge, a company of the Be Power group, which installed as many as 50 columns, with over 100 charging points on the whole municipal area from the center to the suburbs. The columns installed are divided into two bands:

  • Quick (from 22kW) in alternating current, equipped with Type 2 charging sockets and capable of charging two cars at the same time;
  • Fast (up to 150 kW) in direct current, equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 charging sockets and designed for fast vehicle charging.

Also, thanks to the app Be Charge (iOS and Android), users can enjoy a fluid, immediate and digitized experience.

Tiziana Benassi, Councilor for Environmental Sustainability Policies of the Municipality of Parma, revealed:

The ecological and environmental transition also passes through electric mobility, in terms of reducing atmospheric and acoustic pollution and contributes to the improvement of air quality thanks to the containment of atmospheric emissions of polluting gases, in particular of PM10 fine particles, linked to use of motor vehicles. The Mobility Reform, carried out by the Municipality since 2017, provided for the consolidation and strengthening of the number of electricity columns in the area. There are more than 50 new charging stations for electric vehicle charging in addition to the 10 existing ones, thanks to the public-private partnership.

Instead Alice Colombo, Head of Marketing at Be Charge, said that iThe team participated with great pleasure in the eventor. Their participation in the event underscored the company’s commitment to accelerating a transition path to one sustainable and conscious mobility.

In the end Coal nut he has declared:

The WolksWagen Group has been at the forefront of environmental sustainability for years. Ensuring the survival of the planet we live on is a great responsibility towards future generations. For this reason Autocentro Baistrocchi has decided to be an active part of the change with its Porsche Center and to make its contribution to the great project for the development of sustainable electric mobility in the city of Parma.

For more information, you can consult the official website.

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