Parte del bottino del maxi attacco hacker è stato restituito a Poly Network thumbnail

Part of the loot from the maxi hacker attack has been returned to Poly Network

In recent days it went on stage the biggest scam ever in the cryptocurrency world by subtracting the equivalent of over 600 million dollars to the platform Poly Network. Investigations into the incident are still ongoing. In the meantime, however, there is an unexpected development. In fact, in these hours, the hackers protagonists of the maxi scam have returned a part of what was stolen.

Part of the scam’s loot was returned to Poly Network

Immediately after the theft, Poly Network had published an open letter to hackers. In this letter, hackers were asked to return what was stolen. Somehow, the letter seems to have worked, at least in part. In these hours, in fact, Poly Network has confirmed the return of part of the loot stolen in recent days. In particular, the company received the equivalent of about 256 million dollars during the day on Wednesday.

Investigations continue

Meanwhile, the investigation into the case continues. According to a blockchain security provider, Slowmist, aSome IP addresses and email information of the attackers would be detected. These traces could allow to trace, even partially, the hackers involved in the scam. The new step forward in the investigation could represent one of the reasons that pushed hackers to return part of what was stolen.

More details on the investigation could emerge over the next few days. The return of part of the loot (less than half) does not put an end to the question. Further developments could come shortly

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