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Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania: arrivano Sonic e Tails

SEGA has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower will join the gang of playable characters in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. The blue hedgehog and his two-tailed companion will be free and unlockable via regular gameplay on all platforms on October 5, 2021.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania: arrivano Sonic e Tails

This special collaboration celebrates the respective 20 and 30 years of Super Monkey Ball and Sonic The Hedgehog, with Sonic and Tails joining the monkey gang by sporting classic character models that honor their historical legacy.

Both characters will be playable in all over 300 levels and they will collect rings instead of bananas as they whiz through the beautiful worlds of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.

Sonic and Tails join a stellar cast in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania which includes Beat’s Jet Set Radio along with other guest stars not yet revealed. Sega has confirmed that the latter will be revealed in the coming days on the official Super Monkey Ball channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so if you want to know more we recommend that you keep an eye on them.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania will be available on October 5, 2021, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC tramite Steam together with the Digital Deluxe edition. The game will also support Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X at launch, allowing players to purchase the game once to play it on their favorite Xbox console.

Additionally, players who purchase the PS4 digital version from PlayStation Store or the physical version from a select retailer will be able to play the PS5 version at no additional cost, via a dedicated update.

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