Payday 3: first patch postponed due to the possibility of “critical errors” for saves

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To avoid destroying Payday 3’s saves, the first patch of the game has been postponed: word from the development team, still at work

Don’t ask us how we managed to squeeze alliteration into the title as well, but there’s no other way to put it: Payday 3’s first patch has been delayed to safeguard player saves. In reality there have been multiple delays, but now a new one official post finally sheds light on what is happening. We still don’t know when to actually expect the release of the long-awaited update, but the tests are verifying the compatibility of everything with each console so that all platforms are on par (a priority, given one of the retweets on the game’s official social profile ). In general, the reasons are “long and complicated”, but Starbreeze however, he preferred to provide some details.

Payday 3, first patch postponed for fear of corrupting saves

Or rather, “corrupt” is still a euphemism: according to Starbreeze, there are “critical errors” in the update once the game is started. THE progress of the player, if such errors were ignored, they would be exposed to the risk of direct elimination. Naturally, the testing environment remains “solid” to the detriment of fans’ dismay, which is echoed by the disappointment of the developers themselves. “Again, we apologize for our silence. We see your anger and frustration, but we assure you that this is not a situation we want to be in.” The game is available on PC (a format for which, again on Twitter/X, the developers promise not to make the best content exclusive), PS5, Xbox Series

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