PayPal and Rete del Dono unveil the results of the Donare 3.0 survey

PayPal e Rete del Dono presentano i risultati dello studio Donare 3.0 thumbnail

PayPal and Gift Network they presented the results of the eighth edition of the Donare 3.0 study. The survey aims to analyze the spread of donations in Italy by highlighting the drivers, habits and attitudes of Italian consumers. According to the data that emerged from the PayPal and Rete del Dono survey, it is women and young people who represent a reference for donations.

PayPal and Rete del Dono present the results of the survey on donations in Italy

According to the survey data, 84% of donne e young declares to have made at least one donation in the course of 2021. Millennial e Gen Z recorded a significant growth, from 79% to 84%, in the percentage of users who made a donation. 61% of Millennials donate to multiple associations. It should be noted that 25% of Millennials and 18% of Generation X have confirmed that they want to donate more in the future.

It should be noted that to attract the greatest number of donations are “Health and scientific research”Which collect 54% of donations. Donations made online (35%) continue to represent an important reference, surpassing those in cash (27%). Furthermore, due to Covid, 37% of respondents stress that they were unable to make a donation to a non-profit association to which they used to donate. 60% of the sample also claimed to have made a donation to the Ukrainian population.

The comment

Regarding the survey carried out in collaboration with Rete del Dono, Maria Teresa Minotti, Country Director PayPal stated: “Italians are always heavily involved when it comes to charitable causes and doing good. PayPal data show that in Italy 1.4 million people have donated at least once with PayPal in the last 12 months “.

Valeria Vitali, Founder of the Gift Network, he adds: “The constant involvement of young people who not only donate, but choose to donate for several associations (61%) is very positive, demonstrating great sensitivity and interest in supporting multiple causes. The data from Rete del Dono confirm this trend, with Millennial donors stabilizing at 15% after the strong growth of 2020 which had seen them grow by 4% ”

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