Metal Hellsinger preview: our impressions

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In this preview we will go to discover Metal: Hellsinger, a hellish shooter where rhythm is our strongest weapon available

Have you ever wanted to play a Doom-like shooter with mechanics of a rhythm game? The Outsiders, an indie studio recently acquired by Funcom, has created a title that blends these two mechanics of game creating a really interesting mix. Metal: Hellsinger is an adrenaline-pumping FPS where you have to shoot enemies to the rhythm of music and having had the opportunity to preview the title, we are ready to tell you what we think.

Revenge is the only thing that matters

Our protagonist, half human, half demon, is obsessed with thirst for vendetta and is ready to slaughter demons and devils to satisfy her. The only fixed purpose is to destroy the hordes of enemies present on our way through the eight hellsso as to reach the end the red Judge for an epic showdown. Where did this revenge come from? What bond unites the protagonist and the red Judge? We will surely find out when the full version of the game is released.

Metal Hellsinger preview: our impressions

Shoot To The Beat – Metal Hellsinger Preview

In the trial version they were present two playable levelsthe first, set on the snowy mountainsexplains with a tutorial very clear how the gameplay of the game and the available actions work. While the second level, set in the hot underworld full of fires and flamesis where our adventure begins and we will have the opportunity to experience everything we have learned in the previous level.

Il gameplay of the game is apparently similar to any FPS in which thanks to a varied arsenal of demonic weapons including swords, magical skulls, pistols and shotgunswe will have to exterminate the various waves of enemies to continue. But that’s where Metal Hellsinger’s unique feature that sets it apart from other games comes into play.

In addition to the central viewfinder, we will have indicators on the sides that show the rhythm of the music in progress and by shooting enemies with the right timing, we will get gods points. The core of the gameplay is not killing all enemies in a hurry but with the right timingwith strokes executed at the rhythm that will increase our indicator of combo to get more and more points. At the end of each level we will get a final score, placing ourselves in one global ranking to determine who is the best hellsinger. The real challenge of the game lies in getting the highest possible score because even if the timing is wrong in shooting an enemy, it will still suffer damage but we will take less points, losing the combo in progress.

turning to the arsenal of our protagonist, each weapon has one at its disposal special bar that loaded to the maximum, can be consumed to launch one special move. Each weapon has a unique special move and are well diversified, resulting in very rewarding encounters. To charge the bar it will be enough to eliminate a certain amount of enemies. Although it is only the trial version, we will already have several weapons to use and it is important that in the final version of the game, the arsenal available is beautifully rich and varied for don’t make the fights too similar to each other.

Metal Hellsinger preview: our impressions

Demons and Combos – Metal Hellsinger Preview

Continuing our preview of Metal Hellsinger, the title features a good variety of enemies from the very first levels. Between small demons to bigger creatures and tanks, the last level of the demo also has one in servant definitely inspired boss fight. In fact, the enemy will have various moves available, including real moments bullet-hell where we will have to dodge many bullets using the dodgealways all to the rhythm of music.

Normal enemies, albeit varied, they do not feature a rich moveset as we would expectin the full version it would be interesting to see other creatures with more particular moves to increase variety, since at the moment the main attacks are all simple physical hits.

In addition to the dash, firearms must also be reloaded with the right timing, since without it it would take much longer to complete the reload. The protagonist also has one life bar available and we must be careful to always keep it full because some fights, on certain occasions, are challenging. To recover life we ​​can destroy the various green crystals available in the scenario or perform a deadly execution on an enemy when he has little life.

Metal Hellsinger preview: our impressions

Hell Awaits – Metal Hellsinger Preview

For what concern artistic side of the game, the title flexes its muscles in many respects despite being developed by an indie studio. Obviously it is not comparable to the majestic graphics of Doom Eternal but Metal Hellsinger still manages to defend itself with well-made infernal scenarios, rich in details and that create the right diabolical atmosphere. Even technically on PC the title it is fluid and well optimizedfeaturing fast-paced combat full of enemies with no big FPS dips.

The sound sector is the real gem of the game and rightly, being a rhythmic game, care in this respect is fundamental and very important. The musical genre used is clearly the metal and fits perfectly with the demonic type of setting. Each track is created specifically for the game with metal icon voicescome Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Björn Strid (Soilwork), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) e James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate).

One of the most interesting aspects of the various songs is that our combo counter will have a noticeable influence on the individual tracks. Up to a x8 combo the song will be only instrumentalwhile reaching a x16 combo, the vowels. This choice is brilliant, since it creates the right intensity for each fight it gives a quiet beginning passes to an epic endingexalting the player to the maximum at the conclusion of the battle.

Metal Hellsinger preview: our impressions


In conclusion to this preview dedicated to Metal Hellsinger we can say that the first impressions are definitely positive. After finishing the demo lasting about 30 minutes, we admit that we wanted to continue our adventure because the title is really fun, well done and it is addictive. Doom’s influence is felt in many ways, drawing inspiration a lot from the colossus of Beteshda but without ever copying it. Metal Hellsinger has managed to create its own identity thanks above all to the rhythm game mechanics, which make it unique in the FPS genre.

Already from the first two levels the game works in a masterly way even if in the final version we expect certain refinements on various aspects. The key to having a successful final product is the right variety of enemies, levels, weapons but above all songs, because the rhythm is mainly given by the track of the scenario and if they are all similar, the title could be repetitive and easy to complete. Weapons also affect this as some reload more slowly, such as the shotgun, changing the timing of pressing the reload button.

On balance Metal Hellsinger is a title that we look forward to and if you are a lover of metal music you can’t miss it. The game is also recommended for all fans of frenetic Doom-like FPS or for those who chew rhythm games because you need to have a good sense of rhythm to enjoy it to the fullest.

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