PayPal will support Tap to Pay on iPhone (and beyond)

Apple testa il Tap to Pay a Cupertino thumbnail

PayPal announced a series of news for users iPhone: in fact they arrive on Tap to Payin addition to support for Apple Wallet e Apple Pay. All news that are part of the announcements arrived during the presentation of PayPal’s financial results.

PayPal supporterà Tap to Pay su iPhone, Apple Wallet e Pay

The digital payments company is working with Apple to integrate some of the Cupertino solutions among its offerings, integrating the payments on iPhone and Apple Watch. In fact, PayPal users (and Venmo too) will soon be able to accept contactless payments with debit and credit cards using Tap to Pay su iPhone e Apple Watch. A feature that for the moment remains exclusive to American devices, not being supported in Italy.

But the other novelty is that in 2023 you will be able to add the credit and debit cards from PayPal and Venmo also on your Apple Wallet. This will allow you to use this account whenever you use Apple Pay for contacless payments in stores.

paypal resi

Furthermore, it seems that PayPal wants to introduce Apple Pay among the possible payments in the PayPal options for the checkout in e-commerce stores. By further integrating the two payment systems.

This should help the company grow after announcing positive year-on-year growth at the last earning approxll. But Apple will also be able to take advantage of the extensive PayPal network to broaden the horizon of its payment methods, on which it increasingly relies.

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