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PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

We have followed the PC Gaming Show 2022 live for you and we have summarized the most interesting announcements in this detailed article: let’s find out all the news together

After the Summer Game Fest, the Future Game Show and the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, the turn of the PC Gaming Show has finally come, the annual event where masterrace fans can feast their eyes on new trailers of exclusives and… not. In fact, we can tell you in advance that, already from their presentation at the PC Gaming Show 2022, many of the titles presented will also be released on Console. This does not mean that many interesting news have been shown, which we have decided to summarize in this dedicated article. Let’s begin!

Let’s start with the solstice

The event opened with a new trailer for Soulstice, the all-Italian Hack n’Slash by Modus Games that returned to show with a movie with too much CGI and little gameplay. Still, it’s always nice to see it on screen, and it will also be nice to play it next September 20, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. If you register on the official website you will have access to the demo on PC in advance.

We then moved on to a quick trailer for Rotwoodwhich should arrive in Early Access soon, and a more accurate one of Tactical Breach Wizards, born from the same hands that created Gunpoint. A very particular turn based strategy, in which there are also multiple choices to advance the plot and RPG elements. You can add it right now in Wishlist on Steam.

The Invincible | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

First World Premiere: The Invincible. With 11 bit Studios behind us, we expected nothing less, but perhaps something with a different setting yes: space is in fact all too present in this and many other events. Desert planet, the protagonists Yasna and Novik are exploring a land unknown to us, in which the protagonist begins to follow a robot carrying a container, turning in a circle and following the same path without ever stopping. At one point, for a reason unknown to Yasna, the robot breaks the loop and changes path. At this point a deadly machine, which the woman calls Antimat, comes to life, destroying it. Then he turns to Yasna and … shoots her too? “Take care of our People, Novik”.

It starts with the trailers | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

Later, trailers of:

  • Endless Dungeoncreated by SEGA and Amplitude
  • F1 Manager 2022which showed up with an extended trailer and a release date, August 25
  • Chivalry 2new Tenosian Invasion update, available right now
  • Deceive Inc., coming early 2023 to Xbox Series X | S, PS5 and PC
  • Flintlock: The Siege of Dawnsame trailer from the Microsoft conference, but with a short interview with the Creative Director.

The Alters | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

One of the high points of a fluctuating and very space-themed conference is The Alters, also born from 11 Bit Studios which, we remind you, have also created Children of Morta, Frostpunk and This War of Mine. In the trailer, the protagonist wakes up in a strange place and, after taking a few steps, finds himself in a room full of his… copies of him? The clones seem to coexist inside a spacecraft and, according to the words of the developer who spoke immediately after the trailer, each of them will have different skills and character traits, making it essential to survive. For now, The Alters is expected only on PC, no exit window, but certainly one of the most interesting announcements of the PC Gaming Show 2022.

Continue | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

It then continued with new trailers of:

  • New update for Outriderswith a trailer already seen in previous conferences.
  • Animal Royale Season 4
  • Nitro Kidof which a demo is already available
  • Mahokenshia hybrid of turn-based and card fights, available in 2023
  • Killing Floor 2!
  • Arma Reforgerwhich in addition to showing itself with new gameplay, also saw a long-winded interview of the developers.

The trailer roundup continued with other interesting little gems

  • Dune Spice Warswith a trailer that allowed us to take a look at the multiplayer mode that will be available soon, right in the course of the month
  • Abyssalsavailable in 2023
  • Decarnationwhich looked like one of the spooky horror classics created with RPG Maker, available in 2023
  • I Am Future: available in 2022, the protagonist wakes up from hibernation and finds himself in an unknown future and in a rather strange city. Let’s just add: poor Seagull.
  • Great Houses of Calderia
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2the new expansion
  • Norland

The System Shock remake? The remake of System Shock! | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

Another pearl of the evening: the official announcement of the remake of System Shock, complete with an appearance by Warren Spector. If you’ve ever thought “oh no, another space shooter”, bite your tongue: System Shock is the daddy of sci-fi first-person shooters. Series born in 1994 and consisting of three episodes, but fans have long been waiting for the official announcement of a Remake of the first chapter. Well, here we are. System Shock will be available not yet known when on PC and Console.

New ride, new trailers | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

Next step: other trailers, we start with:

  • Falling Frontier
  • Super Peoplewith the same trailer as Microsoft’s presentation
  • Immortalityinteractive film by Sam Barlow due on July 26
  • Nivalisa mixed management system in a Cyberpunk world, quite interesting both in terms of concept and aesthetics
  • Demon School, very old-fashioned strategic rpg, alternating between day and night that reminded us a lot of the old Persona. Available in 2023 for PC, console and Nintendo Switch.
  • Scornwith a release date of 21 October 2022 and good news: it won’t be a Shooter
  • Warhammer 40000 Space Marine 2a nice chat with the developers

We then continued with other trailers, all more or less interesting:

  • Agent 64 Spies Never Dieavailable in 2022, demo available on steam
  • Deliver us Marsavailable from 27 September 2022 on PC and console
  • Stormgateverbose and extended Dev Update
  • Laysara Summit Kingdoma management software arriving in Q1 of 2023
  • Frozen Flame: An open world survival rpg available in the fall of 2022, but a demo is already available on Steam
  • Victoria 3management available in 2022
  • Gloomwoodnew title of More Blood, early access from August 16th

Let’s get closer to the end | PC Gaming Show 2022: all the announcements of the event!

We are approaching the end of the PC Gaming Show 2022 announcements with the latest trailers and final surprise:

  • Backfirewallavailable in 2022 on PC and Console
  • Norland
  • Them Fighting Herdsfighting game between alpacas, we don’t know what else to say
  • Core Keeper Sunken Sea Updatethe new update available from June 15th
  • Farthest Frontier
  • Synergythe latest World Premiere
  • Icarus Styx Map Packfree update available right now

And finally: the surprise of the evening. Announced in style Half-Life: Alyx Levitationa completely new campaign starring Alyx born, in reality, by the enormous creativity of the modders. During the PC Gaming Show Levitation was shown with an exclusive and extended gameplay trailer, which lasted about 7-8 minutes, of pure action. The new content will arrive in the course of 2022, obviously exclusively for PC.

Finally here we are!

These were all the PC Gaming Show 2022 announcements. Did you follow the conference? Let us know what you think below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews themed videludic and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

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