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Tinykin will debut on PC and consoles in August

Recently the Tinykin release date, a new platform 3D. According to what was revealed, the title will arrive on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox and on PC on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG on August 30, 2022. Below we present the official trailer.

Tinykin’s release date: say hello to Milo

Join the galactic explorer Milo in his strangest adventure as he descends towards the Terra, the home of long lost humanity. Finding a missing planet is strange enough, but after teleporting, Milo finds himself barely an inch tall and lost in one nineties style house populated by sentient insects.

Tinykin is a ‘3D platform adventure inspired by classic cartoons on Saturday morning. Players are free to explore the huge miniature rooms of the house. Here, every room is populated by strane culture e presents new problems to solve.

Bring the music back to the living room, clean the bathroom and find the parts of the car that will solve the riddle of this bizarre world. As you can see in the game title, these little creatures, the Tinykin, are very important to your adventure. It is therefore necessary to get to know them. Remember: on their own they rarely pose a threat but, in large numbers, the power of the Tinykin is exemplary.

In your adventure you will find:

  • 🟣Tinykin viola: powerful despite their small stature;
  • 🟢Tinykin gave: enterprising when they reach new and daring heights;
  • 🔵 Tinykin blu: full of charm and powered by electricity;
  • 🔴 Tinykin Rosso: adorable and with an extremely fiery temperament.
  • While the Tinykin are always there to help solve problems, Milo is not far behind in moving in these seemingly huge environments. He runs, jumps and moves between obstacles and unfolds his bubble glider enhanced to cross larger spaces. Players will also need to master his surfboard in the shape of a bar of soap, useful for passing on the edges of tables and on precarious rails, lines and cobwebs. When you’re only an inch tall, you need to be creative, don’t you think?

    PC gamers can get a glimpse into the world of Tinykin as of now, thanks to a demo available on Steam.

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