Peripeteia arriverà su tutte le principali console di gioco thumbnail

Peripeteia will arrive on all major game consoles

Peripeteia will arrive on all major game consoles thumbnail

Developer Ninth Exodus has announced a partnership with Top Hat Studios to bring Peripeteia to all major game consoles. This title is configured as a love letter to historical products such as System Shock and Deus EX and it will arrive Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch, although we still don’t have a specific release date.

Peripeteia will arrive on all major consoles

Peripeteia is a new IP created, designed and wholly owned by Ninth Exodus. Referring to the great classics of the past, the game is configured as an immersive sim with stealth, action and RPG elements in a post-Soviet setting. In the cold and dystopian Polish Solidarity Republic, the game will put us in the shoes of “Marie”; a trained assassin and cybernetic supersoldier.

Abandoned on the streets of a previously closed city, and now reduced to little more than a legacy hulk from the old Soviet Union, Marie finds herself among the myriad of mercenaries and seasoned ex-soldiers fighting for global powers.

The Kickstarter campaign for the financing of the game is currently underway and if you want to support the project you can do it at the official page. Below you can take a look at the main features of the product:

  • Visceral shootings – Pick up a vast arsenal of experimental weapons and pull the trigger. Unleash chaos and watch your enemies torn to shreds under your gunfire.
  • Huge levels – Lose yourself in a myriad of crumbling dream landscapes. The concrete hive will become your home and you will become its master through an agile and intuitive movement system.
  • Addictive gameplay – Yes, you will be able to stack the crates. And you can throw them as a weapon too. That bottle over there? Throw it to distract the guard. But be careful: every bullet, magazine and box take up valuable space.
  • An intense story – Living in the ruins of a fallen empire, you will interact with new powers, make new friends and kill to survive. Your choices will have consequences and, through your actions, you will directly affect the fate of this abandoned world.
  • The best soundtrack you’ve ever heard – with original works by more than 6 artists, Peripeteia is an auditory paradise of fog, rain and tears.
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