NBA 2K22: unveiled a lot of news about the game

2K Games has published an in-depth study on NBA 2K22 in which many of the news coming in this new chapter of the series are revealed

For sure all sports game fans will be looking forward to getting their hands on NBA 2K22, the latest chapter in the historic basketball video game series by 2K Games. Now there is not much time left for the release of the game and for the occasion the company has decided to publish a great in-depth study dedicated to title improvements and new features. In fact, in this article you can find out the news that will be present in the long-awaited NBA 2K22!

Defense first of all

Visual Concepts has really done a lot of work on the new NBA 2K22, but specifically focused on the defence. The primary goal for the defense was to give players the tools to really change the outcome of a match on the field and on the basket. The systems of contrast on the shot and block were rebuilt from scratch, with new volleyball style snatch and dunk blocks never seen before. All this has also made it possible to reward basketball IQ much more with the new shooting systems. The new shooting contrast sees the removal of the “ghost contrastsWhich many complained about and this year being out of position or not placing a hand in the shooter’s face will lead to easy baskets for attack. Conversely, being on the shooter in the right way, with good tackles, will generate a lot of airballs and bricks.

For the defenders on the field, following the penetrations in body-up and doing a counter will be much more satisfying, because the team that deals with the movement has significantly improved the feeling of the defensive movement on the ball. The “recoveries on contact” and involuntary body-ups have been reduced in number, in favor of greater freedom of movement and response to commands for both the ball carrier and the defender on the ball. Changes, throws, stops and cuts are now much more precise and with more next-gen improvements on foot positioning, you will see the players slide a lot less, on both sides of the pitch.

Steals have also received improvements, with much more emphasis on the retrieval attribute. Those with low steal ratings have clunky animations, which punish them when trying to steal, while those with high ratings will be able to steal balls much more often. Plus, you’ll see a lot more catch / dunks from those with high ratings when penetrators try to make their way through the crowd.

A more useful Defensive AI – NBA 2K22: lots of news about the game revealed

Defense has always been an aspect the development team has focused a lot on for l’IA next-gen. Many historical problems have been solved thanks to a complete and in-depth rewrite of almost all the main defensive systems in the game. The new logic of defensive positioning on the ball gives defenders more consistency in their positioning regardless of the distance from the basket. This generates much less uncertain defenders, who know where they want to be at all stages of defensive positioning. This, along with the improvements in movement, made it possible to refine defensive positioning in general.

The new logic and behaviors for defending aids give defending defenders a specific focus on how to react to the ball carrier. In the past, the defending defender’s primary focus was on his man, which prompted the AI ​​to abandon the ball carrier. This created several problems. The ball carrier had a free corridor on the pitch, which forced the aid to come from the strong side, generating easy unmarked shots in pick and roll situations.

This year, the defender in aid can focus on the ball and tackle two forwards intelligently, defending on the deepest threat. In addition, the entry aid has also been rebuilt from the ground up, to give the AI ​​assisting defenders more intelligence in calculating when to go to aid on entry to the basket. The Aid Defender logic that controls the required movement speed in Aid situations has also been increased. The AI ​​will no longer send a defender to double down on an attacker standing nine meters from the basket when a user requests help on entering defensive settings.

Now it is possible to have single and double rotations to deny the first or second line of passage once defensive aid is activated. This creates more opportunities for a second or third pass to find the shooter unmarked. Also now the AI ​​is capable of anticipate certain game actions such as floppy or low blocks. When the AI ​​detects these situations, the defender away from the ball can activate what is called pursuing behavior. This helps AI-controlled defenders choose the right path around blocks to put themselves in a better position to move from and avoid contact with the block. Finally, it was added a new defensive aid system on cuts. The system helps plug holes in defense and sends help whenever a player has free path to the basket. The system can detect the player who cuts and send a rotating defender to cover the defender in aid whenever possible.

NBA 2K22: unveiled a lot of news about the game

A new way to dribble – NBA 2K22: reveal a lot of news about the game

By moving the Pro Stick in various directions, it was possible to perform some fairly generic evaluations last year, while holding it tilted it performed a series of good-looking motion capture dribbles. This year, the goal was to merge the two and give each basketball player a unique feel and rhythm for evaluations, while also giving the player the complete control on the thing. KD’s hesitant cross dribbles, Harden’s movements around and between the legs, Steph’s quick machine-gun crosses, and Luka’s methodical back and forth dribbles are now all under complete player control, rather than automated.

Also back there quick lever introduced in the next-gen last year. Moving the stick quickly generates faster dribbles, while moving it slowly leads to more rhythmic dribbles. There are around 50 assessment packs unique to choose from, each with its specific advantages. In addition, you can also equip one of the 32 unique dribble sequences. They are quick three- or four-second dribble combos that you can activate simply by holding Sprint and moving the Pro Stick up. By mixing custom ratings and custom combos, you will get an infinite variety of ways to jump the defender.

As for the dribble movement, you will notice a significantly higher overall pace and much more precise controls as you move around the pitch. Each of the 28 unique dribble styles has been refreshed with new content that accentuates his player’s custom style. Four have also been added new WNBA dribble styles: Seimone Augustus, Chelsea Gray, Arike Ogunbowale and Gabby Williams.

Another nice improvement for the dribble movement is the height compensation. Last year, taller players could outrun shorter players with the same Ball Speed ​​rating. This issue has been fixed in NBA 2K22, making sure that younger players are no longer left behind. And everything about the dribble, the movement and the new moves and combos, it will be identical between the current and next-gen versions!

NBA 2K22: unveiled a lot of news about the game

Lots of Shooting Changes – NBA 2K22: Game News Revealed

The shot received several modifications for NBA 2K22. There is a new shot indicator with a window for the realization that changes dimensions dynamically. The window expands when high quality shots are attempted with good shooters, but shrinks when shots are thwarted and executed by low quality or tired shooters. This year, for shooting success, the main emphasis is on shooting IQ. Teams that work to build smart, unmarked shots will reap much better results than teams that force bad shots.

The development team really focused a lot on this aspect, as in the past taking good shots was less important than evaluations and skill with the sticks. Timing on the shot still remains a very important skill differentiator, but it will only serve up to a certain point, if you take bad shots.

NBA 2K22: unveiled a lot of news about the game

More skill for shots at the basket – NBA 2K22: many news about the game revealed

The team also worked a lot for make more use of the ability to shoot shots. The blocking system has been revamped, giving the defenders of the club more tools for blocking. Also, on next-gen, some timing indicators for alley-oops and aggressive dunk attempts. When a step for alley-oop is performed, it will be needed press the shoot button at the right time to finish at the basket.

Regarding the dunks, by holding down Snap and moving the Pro Stick down, it will be possible to activate the aggressive dunks. When there is a defender under the basket, using the aggressive dunk it will be possible to force a dunk attempt on demand, as long as you have a strong hitter and some run-up. Hitting the perfect timing for these high-risk, high-reward plays isn’t easy, but getting it right is rewarding.

This year, the dunk celebrations, which work in a similar way to celebrations on the jump shot with green release. So with the new feature, not only can you perform brutal dunks in traffic, but you can also equip a custom dance to celebrate right after.

Finally, now in NBA 2K22 it is possible completely customize the repertoire of dunks with the brand new Crushed Style Maker! This feature allows for detailed control over the exact style of the dunk pack and allows players to equip more dunks than ever before.

NBA 2K22: lots of news about the game revealed

Builds, badges and impetus – NBA 2K22: lots of news about the game revealed

Player builds form another hot topic for 2K. In NBA 2K21, a new next-gen player editor made its debut that allowed you to freely set attribute limits. Now the system has been changed for create more balanced builds and give incentives for the creation of players of all kinds. The little ones will have specific advantages over the longs and vice versa. So expect to see a lot more variety on the virtual streets of the City this year.

The amount of distinctive points available was significantly increased, giving you more options for “My Player”. The new, detailed, player editor screen makes it easier to identify the available badges, the price for each level and the threshold of …

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