Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Courage” Social Dowry

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Let’s find out together, in this dedicated guide, how to increase the Social Dowry of Courage in Persona 5 Royal: from the movies to the Maid Cafè, passing through Tae Takemi…!

The success of the fifth installment of the Persona series has definitely brought her into the spotlight of an audience that, let’s face it, until then perhaps had never heard of it. Furthermore, the release of Persona 5 Royal has consolidated its affection and appreciation from the public and critics (even from us, here our review!) Making it also a riot of sales. Recently the game has also arrived on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft consoles, as well as on PC, and you can also find it in the free Xbox Game Pass catalog. In short, you no longer have any excuse not to play it. We have therefore decided to take it back in our hands too, to give you some other introductory guide to the game and, in particular, to the Social Skills that our protagonist can develop in the Life Sim of the Atlus production.

Before starting

In the past, in fact, we have already talked to you about how to increase Social Skills in Persona 5. This series of guides wants to be more specific, going to see for each 10 different ways to perfect yourself under a specific Dowry. Let’s start by saying that the Social Skills are five in total: Knowledge, Expertise, Courage, Charm and Kindness. Many of the methods for increasing them are common to each other and differ only in the type of activity actually chosen. Let’s not delay, and let’s see, in this specific case, how to increase the Social Dowry of Courage in Persona 5 Royal!

The Big Bang Burger Challenge and the books! | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Courage” Social Dowry

The Big Bang Burger Challenge that you can start in the fast-food of the same name in Shibuya will allow you to increase all your Social Skills by many points, as long as you have enough Courage and Expertise to complete it. If you fail, however, you will still get Courage points for just trying. However, consider that taking part in the challenge has a cost of 2000 yen, so we would like to recommend this method to you when you are sure you can complete it.

Books have always been featured in this series of guides, which comes to an end with this one. Reading is good for the body, mind and spirit. In the Central Street bookshop you will find several options that will increase your courage, remember to go there often because the catalog updates quickly. You can read on several occasions, from the LeBlanc counter, to the library at school, from the subway to Kawakami’s lectures, if you have deepened your relationship with the teacher enough.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Courage" Social Dowry

Cinema and DVD! | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Courage” Social Dowry

Going to the cinema with one of your Confidants will allow you not only to develop your Social Skills, but also to deepen your relationship. The films that you will have to go looking for to increase your courage and that will guarantee you +3 points at the end of the vision are:

  • Like a Dragon
  • Pach Saw
  • Fight Kebab
  • Marry Christmess
  • Tanktop Millionaire

If you really don’t want to go to the cinema or there isn’t one of the films you are interested in, don’t worry: you can always rent a DVD in the shop on Central Street. You will need to purchase a DVD player from the thrift shop in front of the LeBlanc and to get Courage points you will need multiple sessions to finish the movies.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Courage" Social Dowry

Video games and… Tae Takemi? | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Courage” Social Dowry

What do you think about playing a video game within a video game? In Persona 5 Royal you can do it, once you arrive on July 26 (game day), at which time you will unlock the ability to buy a console in the thrift store. To increase your Courage you will have to look for specific games: if you complete the various levels, obviously, the points you will get will be greater. The video games you need to look for are:

  • Star Forneus
  • Power Intuition

If you want to start increasing your Courage right away, you need to know Tae Takemi. The girl runs clinical trials in which you can participate as a guinea pig, helping her with her studies. They are quite risky and therefore, inevitably, they will increase your courage by one point each time you spend time with her. In addition, you will also increase your bond with Takemi, which will grant you several advantages when you decide to buy items from her.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Courage" Social Dowry

The Shibuya Diner and the Maid Cafe | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Courage” Social Dowry

The Shibuya Diner was a must in this series of guides, because not only will it guarantee you a safe place to study (and thus increase your Knowledge), but by ordering specific items you can also increase other Social Skills, including, of course, also Courage. The two foods that you will have to look for are the Hot Coffee or the Surprise Sandwich, which will grant you a point of Courage as you increase your Knowledge. One more, in the long term!

To increase your courage you can also go to the Maid Cafe in Akihabara and, if a waitress gets your order wrong and you decide to ask her to fix it, you will get not only a Courage point, but also +2 Charm. A useful method also to deepen the relationship with Tae Takemi mentioned above, because at some point in the Confidant you will need a high level of Charm to continue.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Courage" Social Dowry

Take a nice bath and … then go to work! | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Courage” Social Dowry

At the Public Baths you can decide to take a bath to eliminate tiredness and dirt after hours and hours spent in the dungeons. If you do, you will greatly increase your charm, but it will also help your Courage if you decide to stay in the water longer. You will cook like chicken on a spit, this is true, but at least you will get +1 Courage point!

Finally… part-time jobs. Great earning tool, both in monetary terms and in points for Social Dots, the part-time jobs that you can take as you continue in the history of Persona 5 Royal are so many. As for courage, the best option is to work at the Shinjuku Crossroads and talk to the scary-looking man, which will grant you +2 Courage points every time. You will not always find it, this is true, but when it is present at your counter, take advantage of it!

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Courage" Social Dowry

I’m gonna take your (brave)heart!

And that’s it: here are our ten tips for increasing your Social Dowry of Courage in Persona 5 Royal. Let us know what you think of the title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!