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Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Knowledge” Social Dowry

Let’s find out together, in this dedicated guide, how to increase the Social Dowry of Knowledge in Persona 5 Royal: from study to crosswords, through books and films, here’s how to make our protagonist more educated

The success of the fifth installment of the Persona series has definitely brought her into the spotlight of an audience that, let’s face it, until then perhaps had never heard of it. Furthermore, the release of Persona 5 Royal has consolidated its affection and appreciation from the public and critics (even from us, here our review!) Making it also a riot of sales. Recently the game has also arrived on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft consoles, as well as on PC, and you can also find it in the free Xbox Game Pass catalog. In short, you no longer have any excuse not to play it. We have therefore decided to take it back in our hands too, to give you some other introductory guide to the game and, in particular, to the Social Skills that our protagonist can develop in the Life Sim of the Atlus production.

Before starting

In the past, in fact, we have already talked to you about how to increase Social Skills in Persona 5. This series of guides wants to be more specific, going to see for each 10 different ways to perfect yourself under a specific Dowry. Let’s start by saying that the Social Skills are five in total: Knowledge, Expertise, Courage, Charm and Kindness. Many of the methods for increasing them are common to each other and differ only in the type of activity actually chosen. Let’s not delay, and let’s see, in this specific case, how to increase the Social Dowry of Knowledge in Persona 5 Royal!

Go to school and study a lot! | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Knowledge” Social Dowry

Attending classes is the main and fastest method of increasing your Knowledge. Some of the questions that the professors will ask you will be quite simple, while others do not fall within the canons of Western knowledge or are even particular “puzzles”. To get the answers to all the questions of the questions in the class we refer you to our specific guide, know that to get the Knowledge points you will have to answer correctly. Or nothing! Don’t worry … if you cheat and look at the answers we won’t tell the teachers anything.

Study follows immediately after attending the lessons. You can study at any free time in Persona 5 Royal, unless the story forces you to do something else. You can go to the Library, the Diner in Shibuya or directly home. In short, everything works, but each method has some different characteristics. Studying in the library, for example, can also increase your Courage, depending on how many people are present. At Dinre, on the other hand, you can also order food to further increase Knowledge or other Social Skills.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Knowledge" Social Dowry

From crosswords to books, the bread of the mind | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Knowledge” Social Dowry

On some occasions, on one of the free tables at LeBlanc you will find a crossword puzzle to complete. They are small mini-games that work exactly like in real life and are quite fun if you are a fan. Some are simple, others will take longer to complete. You will have to guess only the illuminated row or column, the other parts will only support you. And best of all, it won’t take up your remaining free time, it’s a completely sideline activity that you can complete and then move on to something else.

Like, for example, reading a book! In terms of gaining more knowledge, in Persona 5 Royal one of the easiest and fastest things to do is to read books. The bookstore on Central Street will gradually sell more and more materials to expand your Dowry. Remember to drop by more often as the catalog will expand as the story goes on. It will also happen that you can read on train journeys if you find a seat and during Kawakami’s lessons if you have deepened your relationship with her.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Knowledge" Social Dowry

The Big Bang Burger Challenge and… the exams | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Knowledge” Social Dowry

The Big Bang Burger Challenge will allow you to earn a huge amount of Knowledge points to deepen your skill. The more you progress in the challenge, the more points you will be awarded. The only difficulty will be having enough Courage and Expertise, otherwise you will fail the challenge. If you feel you have the right stomach (literally) to deal with it, go for it: the result is guaranteed.

If you really are not hungry, then you can easily go and take your… exams. Along with studying, taking exams will be bread for your mind and will allow you to become the smartest kid in Tokyo. If you paid attention during the lessons, you can easily remember the answers to the questions. Otherwise, as always, there is our guide with all the answers… we won’t tell anyone. Before each exam session, one of your classmates will propose to study together: always accept, doing so will guarantee you a fair amount of Knowledge points.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Knowledge" Social Dowry

Get distracted during the lessons and join the Trivia Show! | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Knowledge” Social Dowry

By increasing your bond with Kawakami, the teacher will guarantee you the opportunity to distract yourself during her lessons. You can therefore create tools for infiltration, sleep or, as mentioned before, read some books instead of listening to her speak. However, you can still decide to follow his lesson, which will guarantee you three Knowledge points. Which is quite handy if, for example, you have started a book that you know but you will not be able to complete in that period of time allowed by Kawakami. Whatever your choice, in short, you can still increase your Knowledge.

Every Wednesday at LeBlanc you can participate in the Trivia Show which is broadcast on TV. Answering the questions correctly will guarantee you a fair amount of Knowledge points and it will not be that difficult, as the topics covered are quite similar to those you will face in class during the lessons.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Knowledge" Social Dowry

Film in the cinema and finally… work! | Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the “Knowledge” Social Dowry

Going to see a movie at the cinema with one of your teammates will not only increase the bond between you, but it will also guarantee you a boost to some statistics. The films which will increase your Knowledge are the following:

  • Back to the Ninja: October to November in Shibuya.
  • Soraemon: August to September in Shinjuku.

In the end, you may decide to go and work part-time somewhere. Some of these will require some basic stats to tackle, but it’s still worth the effort to reach certain positions. To increase your Knowledge, the advice is to aim to work for the Crossroads Bar. Depending on the people you interact with, you may run into a situation in which, in addition to getting 7200 yen for a single shift, you can also greatly increase the your Knowledge. Tip: Always look for the man with the drenched face.

Persona 5 Royal: how to increase the "Knowledge" Social Dowry

Good… study!

And that’s it: here are our ten tips for increasing your Social Skill of Knowledge in Persona 5 Royal. Let us know what you think of the title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!