Two new kits coming to The Sims 4

Due nuovi kit in arrivo su The Sims 4 thumbnail

EA and Maxis have recently unveiled i new kit from The Sims 4, Pastel Pop e Daily disorder. The two new kits will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One starting in November 10. Here are all the details.

Pastel Pop and Everyday Clutter are the new kits for The Sims 4

With the kit The Sims 4 Pastel Popsimple and psychedelic with quirky pastel prints, irregular shapes and vintage vibes, gamers can design one delicate and playful bedroomperfect for daydreaming.

Thanks to the new kit, players will be able to give to their room a fun style e carefree con patterned sheetstable legs from psychedelic curveschairs a heart shapeshaped mirrors puddles and so on. Designed in collaboration with Simmer creator Jesse “Plumbella” McNamara, and inspired bysummer of the 60s and 70sthese new design and furnishing objects are perfect for expressing your own creativity.

The Kit of The Sims 4 Everyday Clutterinstead, it encourages players to create spaces that seem loved and lived. Players will be able to express their Sims’ unique stories and eclectic personalities through scattered objects related to their hobbies and theirs everyday life.

Used coffee mugs left around the house, makeup and jewelry boxes, magazines and much more.

This collection includes tons of little personal touches which will provide players with more tools for visual storytelling. Players can give their Sims spaces a more personal touch with one phone case in their favorite colora stack of books e games set aside in the living room and a creative display of photo.

To conclude, we remind you that the two new kits will debut on The Sims 4 il November 10, 2022. For more information you can consult the official site.