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Persona 6: new rumors about the release period

In the last few hours Persona 6 has been talked about, several rumors have in fact had as their object the release period of the game in question

It has been almost seven years since the Japanese launch of Persona 5 and, although in later years Atlus has obviously published a series of games derived from this RPG, the hype for a potential new main title of the popular RPG series is growing day by day. A couple of years ago Atlus said they were working on Persona 6, but when exactly will we see this title? According to insider NateTheHate, the game in question should arrive in the not too distant future. Speaking during a recent episode of his podcast, the insider indeed stated that Persona 6 should see aexit at the end of 2024 and that it will probably be an exclusive PS5, which doesn’t sound new at all. Unlike Persona 5, which launched as a cross-gen title for both PS3 and PS4, Persona 6 will presumably skip PS4. However, NateTheHate also says there’s a chance the aforementioned title will hit Xbox consoles sometime after launch.

Persona 6: new rumors about the release period

Persona 6 release shouldn’t be far off and would initially target PS5

And when exactly will it be presented? According to the insider, Persona 6 should have been announced at the end of last year, but since then theexit was still a long way off, Atlus then decided to delay the announcement. The insider speculates that the game will likely be unveiled later this year, potentially al Tokyo Game Show of September. So if you were hoping for an upcoming announcement PlayStation Showcase, you may be disappointed. At the beginning of the year it was said that the reveal of the highly anticipated RPG was planned for theestate. Meanwhile, NateTheHate also claimed that a Persona 3 remake will be released later in the year and will be announced at two Xbox Showcase.

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