Petrol bonus: €80 in the social card Details dedicated to you

Bonus benzina: arriveranno 80 euro sulla social card "Dedicata a te" thumbnail

The psychological threshold of the cost of There is 2 euros per liter of petrol and it’s coming petrol bonus: 80 euros on the social card “Dedicated to you“.

Petrol bonus: 80 euros will arrive on the social card “Dedicated to you” source DepositPhotos

The September of price increases

Yes, we are aware that the month of September, much praised as the new second start of the year, also brings with it increases. From high bills to high fuel prices, these days the Government is grappling with many bills to balance. The price hit on petrol is striking. To fill up you need at least 2 euros per litre. Therefore, the authorization of the petrol bonus is at stake on the table of the Council of Ministers.


From Palazzo Chigi they let it be known that it will be issued shortly. While the Ministry of Economy underlines that it is working hard to best define the bonus.

How much is the bonus worth and where will it be loaded

The “Dedicated to you” social card is back in play, worth 382.50 euros intended for the purchase of basic necessities, which will be loaded with the fuel bonus of 80 euros.

We remind you: families made up of at least three members and with an ISEE of up to 15 thousand euros can access the card.

All things considered, the blanket is short, but we need to patch it up and this measure will cost 100 million euros.

The Government attempts a rescue and chooses to especially help low-income families. Thus, the idea of ​​implementing a ministerial decree to activate themobile excise duty. The mechanism would have reduced taxes on gasoline in proportion to the increase in prices.

Petrol bonus: 80 euros will arrive on the social card "Dedicated to you" source DepositPhotosPetrol bonus: 80 euros will arrive on the social card “Dedicated to you” source DepositPhotos

Here we are, the controversy is about to flare up given that the measure would have given respite to all motorists. In particular, the cut would have been uniform and led to a reduction in the final price of fuel.

But, Meloni once again underlines how much is in favor of giving help to those in greater financial conditions.

Let’s also ask another question: How many families will be able to take advantage of the bonus? Some do not own a car, many travel by land transport, in addition to the exclusion of all Italian commuters, who give up moving their car by traveling by public transport to save money.

The Meloni Government’s plans

In the package of expensive fuel, there are also higher bills. A series of supports that should be launched, according to the newspaper La Repubblica, with the Council of Ministers of September 25th.

More than a save the date, the headache of Government is being able to stem increases in bills. Therefore, we are working on a budget law in search of financial resources. We mention that at the end of June, they were needed 800 million euros to extend the aid already in force from July to September.

Included in this money maneuver are the measures: the extension of the zeroing of the system charges for the gasthe application of aVAT rate reduced to 5% for district heatingthe extension of social bonus for low-income families and the reduction of VAT to 5% on methane gas supplies for civil and industrial uses.

Yes, refinancing everything is the big task, especially finding a way to keep the costs of your energy bills down.

The funds? They are limited (see the 100 million allocated to the petrol bonus) and being able to get out of them requires a new effort to which the Meloni Government is subjected.

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