PG Esports, Kia Italia and Ckibe celebrate the final of the PG Nationals of League of Legends live

PG Esports, Kia Italia e Ckibe celebrano la finale del PG Nationals di League of Legends dal vivo thumbnail

PG Esportsin collaboration with Be Italianannounces that Roberta “Ckibe” risesstreamer and well-known face of the web, will be a guest of the viewing party organized by the company for the finale of the tournament most loved by Italian fans of League of Legends, the summer split of PG Nationals. The event will be held on 7 August 2022 starting at 18:00 at Combo Milan. Let’s find out all the details together.

The final of the PG Nationals of League of Legends is celebrated live

To celebrate the arrival of the League of Legends PG Nationals final, Ckibe will be the protagonist of a live performance. During the live, he will draw a poster of the new, special and totally inspired by the final values ​​of innovation, technology and electrification typical of Come on.

The final is approaching and you can take part in it. PG Esportsin fact, he decided to celebrate the last appointment of the summer season with a viewing party dal vivo organized on the occasion of the final on 7 August.

Starting from 18:00in fact, all League of Legends fans are invited to the Combo Milanin via Ripa di Porta Ticinese 83, to enjoy the main event of the summer in company. It is a perfect opportunity to chat, meet and ask valuable advice from the casters and the official analysts of the tournament, the now famous Giulia ‘Juniper’ Better, Silverio ‘Deidara’ Masi e Gabriele ‘Wolcat’ Catterin.

The event will be free to enter. However, who you will be credited with Eventbrite through the official website, you will receive a free forziere Hextech (while stocks last). This is a reward designed specifically for the most ardent fans of the MOBA from Riot Games.

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