PG Nationals: here is the final result of the competition

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Let’s find out together in this news the final result of the last PG Nationals Spring Split 2022 competition

There is great excitement on the web, in these hours, for the final result of the Esports PG Nationals competition, edition 2022. The event, organized also this year by PG Esports, saw several very valid teams, made up of veteran players, the which have challenged each other on the virtual battlefields of League of Legends (by the way, do not miss the news of the 2022 season of the latter). And, surprisingly, this year, a rookie team dominated the arenas of the famous Riot Games title during the final.

PG Nationals comes to an end, here is the result of the final

As well as in various countries of the world, also in Italy the attention towards Esports has undergone significant growth over the years. In fact, more and more fans decide to try their hand at the most disparate competitions, and virtual sports have now become a real mass phenomenon. There are more and more dedicated competitions, some of which were also born recently (such as the Esports School League, the first championship dedicated to schools, which we talked about in this article), which are flanked by the most famous and established events, such as what we talk about today.

Yes, because what has just ended is a rather important event in the panorama of national Esports. We are talking about the PG Nationals Spring Split 2022, whose final saw the result of the match between the Macko Esports team and the rookie Atleta Esports team. Despite the numerous victories collected by the former, the Atleta Esports managed to win the title of national champions, winning 3 to 0 and guaranteeing access to the next European Masters Spring of League of Legends.

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