PG Nationals Summer Split 2022: the Italian League of Legends tournament returns

PG Nationals Summer Split 2022: ritorna il torneo italiano di League of Legends thumbnail

Starting tomorrow (June 7, 2022) on the PG Nationals Summer Split 2022, the most important national competition dedicated to the world of League of Legends. Competing for the final victory are 8 teams, the same as in the spring competition, but with a renewed roster. Defending the title will be the reigning champions: the Esports Athlete.

The matches scheduled for tomorrow (June 7) will be used to select the teams that will have access to the playoffs. These will be held on July 26, 27 and 31. The final is instead set for August 7, a hot month for a very hot tournament. The two finalists, as usual, will have access to the European Masters, where the best teams in Europe will compete.

Come seguire i PG Nationals Summer Split 2022 su Twitch

The matches will be broadcast on the official Twitch channel of PG_Esports_LoLevery Tuesday and Wednesday from 18:45. Commenting on the matches will be a respectable broadcast team, made up of Roberto ‘KenRhen’ Prampolini, Emiliano ‘Moonboy’ Marini, Gabriele ‘Wolcat’ Catterin, Andrea ‘Juannetti’ Giovannetti, Filippo ‘Etrurian’ Burresi, Giulia ‘Juniper’ Better e Silverio ‘Deidara’ Masi. The latter had participated in the last split as a player and will now play the role of analyst. Esports fans can cheer on their favorite team. Specifically, the competing teams are:

  • Macko
  • Sports Athlete (defending champions)
  • aNc Outplayed
  • Axolotl
  • Cyberground Gaming
  • Samsung Morning Stars
  • GG Esport
  • Empire sport
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