WhatsApp improves user security even more

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Still new security features for the WhatsApp App. As far as we know, in fact, the platform is working on a feature that adds an extra layer of security before logging into an account. An option that perhaps we will see in a future update for Android and iOS, and which will thus allow us to limit the phenomenon of user account theft. But let’s find out something more.

WhatsApp: App adds an account security feature

The WhatsApp App continues to work to improve the privacy and security of its users. After releasing the ability to customize privacy settings by excluding some people from viewing personal information, the platform is now rolling out a new feature to protect user accounts. In fact, in the next update, the application may add a double control code to access your personal account. Indeed, as anticipated by WABetaInfo, users will have to enter an additional verification code to confirm their identity every time they use the WhatsApp account from a new device.

In this way, the platform adds an additional verification step to ensure user safety. Last year, in fact, there were not a few cases of accounts stolen due to the carelessness of those who had given up their six-digit control code. And so the WhatsApp App decided to fix it, adding a second six-digit code. As reported by WABetaInfo, the platform will send a message containing the code when a user tries to access his account. Therefore, if you receive it without logging in, you will know that something is wrong. A system that guarantees maximum safety is evident.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is the first instant messaging app that supports a similar functionality. And indeed, it seems that the double verification code can be a definitive solution to prevent account theft when two-step verification is not enabled. Unfortunately, it’s only an option in development for now. But we are pretty sure that soon we may have more information about it.