Phil Spencer praises DualSense and speculates on updates for the Xbox pad

The work done by Sony with the DualSense was much appreciated by Phil Spencer, who hypothesizes some changes to the current Xbox pad

The head of the divisione Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently had a chat with the guys from Kinda Funny, focusing on the most disparate topics. These also include the congratulations to Sony for the work done with the DualSense, the new pad paired with PS5, which was highly appreciated by the Microsoft boss, as he had already stated in the past. In this regard, he also suggested that the Xbox controller may receive revisions in the near future, perhaps just to embrace the features introduced by Sony with his new device.

Phil Spencer speculates on Xbox pad revisions that could replicate DualSense

Obviously the features that most impressed Spencer they cannot be other than the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, capable of returning a more immersive and marked feedback than what happens on the game screen. News that definitely go against the trend with the work of Microsoft, which with the pad Xbox has taken a much more conservative approach, adopting the philosophy of the said team that wins do not change, which led to the Series X and Series S controllers to remain virtually unchanged compared to the previous generation.

Phil Spencer praises DualSense and speculates on updates for the Xbox pad

In the course of the interview, however, Spencer does not explicitly mention any new features that will accompany the device:

“We are thinking of a new type of device, capable of bringing more games to more places. We will, in all likelihood, also have to work on the controller. I think Sony has done a good job with its pad, we are taking that into account, and there are some adjustments we will need to make. “

In this sense it is useful to note that at the beginning of the year the Xbox users have been offered a questionnaire, through which he wondered which ones changes to the pad would have been welcome. Spencer also focused on VR and other accessories, suggesting however how the team at the moment has no tears about it.

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