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Philips launches AquaTrio 9000 Series, the wet & dry home cleaning system

Here comes a new ally in the world of cleaning wet & dry: Philips Presents AquaTrio Serie 9000, a solution that combines practicality and safety. Philips AquaTrio 9000 Series is cordless vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners for complete and hygienic cleaning. Equipped with intelligent technology, it removes not only dirt, stains and liquids but also up to 99.9% of bacteria for a perfectly sanitized home.

Philips AquaTrio 9000 Series: the technical characteristics

The fulcrum of this system is enclosed in AquaSpina hi-tech microfiber double brush ultra-soft and self-cleaning that vacuums and washes floors in a single passage, working both in its front and rear part. This solution makes it possible to reduce cleaning times and physical effort, adapting optimally to the contemporary lifestyle.

A dedicated tank provides a constant flow of clean waterreleased on the floor and immediately picked up by the brushes and the Aqua Diffusion system that separates the dirty one and contains it safely. In this way, every surface is perfectly sanitized and drying is up to 50% faster.

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Equipped with LED lights on the brush, AquaTrio 9000 Series illuminates the most critical or hidden points and also makes use of a digital LCD screen which provides updates and information on the battery charge status, the chosen humidity level for washing, as well as on maintenance. Extremely manoeuvrable and portable, it reaches even the peripheral corners and the most hidden ones under low furniture.

The Philips AquaTrio 9000 Series can be set up in a vacuum-only configuration to pick up dirt in one pass. The vacuum only configuration can easily be transformed into a practical handheld vacuum cleaner, perfect for quick touch-ups, ideal for cleaning armchairs and sofas or the car.

The lithium ion battery allows you to work with the combined configuration or in Turbo mode up to 25 minutes continuously and up to 45 minutes if the appliance is set as a vacuum cleaner only. With an additional battery you can double the runtime up to 90 minutes.

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