Final Fantasy XVI: versione demo in arrivo prima del lancio

State of Play: Announced a 20-minute presentation for Final Fantasy XVI

Twenty minutes, all dedicated to the gameplay of the most awaited role-playing game: the next State of Play promises sparks with Final Fantasy XVI

Like Ramuh’s bolt from the blue, Sony has announced one State of Play focused on the gameplay of Final Fantasy XVI, which will entertain us for twenty minutes straight. As for date and time, we’ll have to tune into social channels (read: mostly YouTube) tomorrow evening. In fact the appointment is for Wednesday 13 Aprilin what for us will be the 23:00. The cobalt titan preferred not to particularly unbutton what we will see during the presentation, but most likely we can expect new areas of the game. Even the gameplay mechanics will be the master, if we were to venture other hypotheses.

Twenty minutes fly like the wind: the State of Play of Final Fantasy XVI

Similarly, Sony has not mentioned that there will be any other State of Play announcements outside of Final Fantasy XVI. For what it’s worth, the last presentation was held in February, and it made Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League its main attraction. What is certain is that Square-Enix is ​​in full preparations for day one of the game, currently PS5 exclusive. What little the RPG giant has shown leads to hope for a game world capable of equaling combat. And if that were the case, Tears of the Kingdom would most likely have competition at the next Game Awards.

The announcement of the title dates back to 2020. The focus of the plot is the protagonist Clive (no, not that Clive) and the political fiction intrigue that revolves around him. The legendary creatures remain in the game under the new name of Eikon, but to put the game in a completely different light is the aforementioned combat system, which will complete the transitional phase already seen in the fifteenth chapter (and in the remake of the seventh) towards a vein Devil May Cry style action. The title will be available on June 22nd on PlayStation 5. The hype is, if it needs to be specified, a thousand. Appointment for tomorrow evening at eleven!

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