Philips TV & Sound: awarded with four awards at the Red Dot Awards 2021

Philips TV & Sound: awarded with four awards at the Red Dot Awards 2021

Philips TV & Sound is full of prizes at the Red Dot Awards 2021 for the design of new audio and video products. Let’s see all the details

The “Best of European Design” is an essential part of TP Vision’s Philips TV & Sound product philosophy and, once again, has led the company to win the highest professional recognition with the award of four Red Dot awards Award this year. All products were created by TP Vision’s European Design team based in Amsterdam. Winning the prestigious 2021 Red Dot Awards were:

  • The high-end TV Philips OLED806 which offers the best performance with a unique and minimalist design and the use of prestigious materials;
  • The Performance Series Philips 8556 LED, here design is at the service of product performance, lightness and quality to simplify the consumer’s choice;
  • Headphones Philips “true wireless” Fidelio T1, designed to make high quality performance and materials accessible also to the TWS category;
  • The earphones Philips T8506 ANC TWS that adapt European Design to create a new balance and proportion, improving its use and performance.

Monitors are also added to Philips’ list of award-winning products 16B1U3300, 24B1D5300 e 34E1N7900.

Philips TV & Sound: awarded with four awards at the Red Dot Awards 2021

Philips TV & Sound: great satisfaction at the Red Dot Award 2021

For over 60 years, the Red Dot Awards have recognized the best of product design in terms of functionality, quality, ergonomics and innovation, as well as product durability and ecological compatibility. All factors that have led the awards to become one of the most coveted international awards for excellence in design. In 2021 they were presented over 5,500 products by companies large and small around the world. Products are judged on nine attributes by an independent jury of 50 international professionals, in sessions lasting several days. Commenting on the new awards, TP Vision Chief Design Officer Rod White said:

Once again, I am honored to know that the choice to have a European team dedicated to design and the strategy to create our own distinctive language in this area, have been awarded with the highest recognition, directly from the community of professionals in the sector. We take a long-term vision to develop the attractiveness of our products which we believe should remain consistent and relevant with the life cycle of the product itself, without ever going out of style. Winning the Red Dot Awards is a source of maximum satisfaction for us and confirms the goodness of our approach.

Philips TV & Sound: awarded with four awards at the Red Dot Award 2021


For 2021 the core product of the OLED range increases the promise of offer excellent performance to ensure a first-rate experience. Picture performance is further enhanced thanks to the unique four-sided Ambilight technology that provides the ultimate viewing experience. If desired, the underside of Ambilight it can be deactivated when the TV is placed on the table. For meet the different furnishing needs, the supports of the OLED806 can be chosen in light or dark aluminum. The Philips branding is discreetly applied to the end regardless of the media chosen. The remote has a silver colored wire key design, wrapped in Muirhead black plaid leather that offers an amazing handfeel.

8556 LED TV

Already established as a consumer favorite, the Performance Series in 2021 took a breakthrough in design. TP Vision has introduced a three-sided borderless panel that enables the Ambilight function to seamlessly extend the content on the screen. The Philips branding is placed asymmetrically on the brushed metal bottom bezel, while a new support archetype was created via an open-necked aluminum base, angled to the table to visually capture the brightness of the TV.

Fidelio T1 cuffie True Wireless

The new Fidelio True wireless headphones are the synthesis of excellent performance and user experience. Taking the case in hand, the perception of quality is immediate thanks to the pleasant sensation guaranteed by the upper lining in Muirhead Scottish leather where the Philips brand is engraved. The simple and geometric design of the case returns in the design concept of the earphones. The brushed metallic details on the surface of the main body add a sense of elegance.

T8506 cuffie True Wireless

The T8506s have been designed using TP Vision’s European design principles. The circular design ensures the need for balance and proportion of the product, allowing adherence in use. The external circular frame makes it intuitive to use, while the main surface features a subtle color difference that gives space and attention to the discreet and asymmetrical Philips branding. The same color returns on the charging case which has a contrasting brushed metal finish on the inner surface.

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