Phison 8TB SSD is ready for takeoff with NASA

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Phison Electronics’ home SSD earns the “NASA Certification”, the 8 TB model has been labeled TRL-6, that’s what it means!

Phison Electronics, the world leader in solutions NAND flash and storagetoday announced that its new SSD M.2 2280 da 8 TB completed the “flight qualification” tests necessary for the historic first mission of Lonestar Data Holdings on the Lunar Data Center. The company also has a unit SSD da 8 GB on Mars Perseverance Rover and a unit SSD and 4 TB on the International Space Station on your computer Skycorp’s RISC-V.

This new SSD was chosen by the contractor of Lonestar and partner of Phisonthe space logistics company Skycorp. Skycorp is also Lonestar’s partner for the design and production of the Lunar Data Center mission planned for second half of 2023. We leave you now – before entering the complete article – to the declarations of KS Pua, CEO of Phison;

After an extensive testing and certification process, Phison is thrilled that our SSD technology has passed all rigorous requirements for Lonestar’s upcoming lunar mission. We are thrilled to be able to play a pivotal role in this important mission and future others as we continue our foray into the new frontier. We also want to thank our outstanding customer, Lonestar, and our partner, Skycorp, for helping to make this project happen.

Phison 8TB SSD is ready for takeoff with NASA

To get certified Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL-6) from NASA, Phison’s 8TB M.2 SSD it had to pass a variety of tests, including the deep cryogenic temperatures and vacuum conditions found on the moon. A certification for the electromagnetic environment has also been completed. In addition, Phison’s SSD technology has passed extensive environmental and stress tests simulavano il launch on SpaceX’s Falcon 9. Skycorp conducted these tests at government and commercial testing facilities in the Silicon Valley.

Phison 8TB SSD is ready for takeoff with NASA

Phison 8TB SSD is ready for takeoff with NASA

Lonestar is launching a series of data centers on the lunar surface to provide off-site storage and computing servicesand is sending the first Lunar Data Center as a payload to the lander NOVA-C by Intuitive Machines under NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. In support of its mission, Lonestar selected Skycorp for its space-qualified hardware infrastructure. SkyCorp provides its advanced RISC-V multi-core server architecture in the space, which contains the certified 8TB SSD.

This certification comes after Phison and Skycorp announced a partnership in September 2022 focused on in-space computing and information storage. Skycorp is currently using elements of Phison’s SSD solution for esperimenti intelligent Space Systems Interface (iSSI) on the International Space Station. This is a four terabyte SSD attached to the System on a Chip (SoC) Polarfire di Microchip Technologies. This same technology has now been significantly upgraded with an eight (8) terabyte SSD that will travel to the Moon with Lonestar’s first server on the second lunar lander mission Intuitive Machines NASA CLPS.

We leave you to the words of Christopher StottFounder and CEO of Lonestar Data Holdings, Inc

Phison is proving to be an excellent supplier. We are very heartened that the qualification tests went well and that our payload passed these critical steps for spaceflight. Our next giant leap will be the Moon itself

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