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Live betting: what you need to know

What are live bets and how do they work? Let’s try to answer!

Live betting involves place bets on a game in progress. Live betting, sometimes called in-game or in-play betting is growing rapidly and is increasingly eroding the odds of traditional betting, made before a match begins.

Before the kickoff, face-off, tip-off or first roll, the bookies establish an opening line and close the bets, but for many punters the real play doesn’t begin until after. Then, as the match progresses and depending on what happens, sports betting becomes more and more exciting and engaging. All betting sites offer traditional moneylines, spreads and totals, and some sportsbooks, such as Indibet, offer live lines for some props.

Live betting: what you need to know

How are live betting odds calculated?

Online sports betting sets initial odds before matches start based on various antecedent factors. Initially the live betting odds will not fluctuate much. The quotes they will gradually change over time. When a team shows a considerable advantage or otherwise has a certain type of behavior on the field, the odds in the match begin to vary substantially. Live odds often freeze when there is significant action, such as a touchdown, so betting sites like Indibet adapt to new situations.

Updated odds are estimated based on the most recent events, allowing bettors to place a bet before the next big action occurs.

Live betting: what you need to know

What types of live bets are available?

In addition to player or team predictions, live bets are often offered for the moneyline, points difference and totals.


Basically you have to choose a team or an athlete and the odds will be expressed with the American system. When betting on favorites the odds will have a negative sign, and the number will indicate the amount of money you need to risk to win $100, while if you bet on underdogs, the odds will have a positive sign, and the odds number will indicate money which can be won for $100 invested.

Point Spread or points spread

According to the point spread, the favorite has certain odds of winning and the underdog lower odds. Because teams vary in quality, this is how bookies go they balance the game for punters. The goal is to set the odds to attract an equal number of bets in each group to ensure the house makes a profit.

I total

The total refers to overall score of a specific game. Betting choices include going over or under the implied total of runs scored by either side. A possible NBA total is 220 points, for example. The under is the winner if the final sum is 219 or less. Over wins by 221 or more combined runs.


These bets, which go under the abbreviation of “proposition bets”, offer the possibility to place a bet on different options in addition to the traditional moneyline, spread and total. Many props depend on player stats or in-game events for a particular team. Props with higher odds, such as the first touchdown scorer in an NFL game, are considered less plausible.


These are bets made on future meetings. Technically, live bets on some futures markets are permitted because they will be available throughout the season or competition. Technically this is a live bet because golf tournaments last for four days and you can bet on the winner at any time.

So, have you understood what live bets are and the various types? That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!