Photoshop will allow you to authenticate NFTs

Photoshop permetterà di autenticare gli NFT thumbnail

Interesting news is coming to Adobe, which is launching an integrated system in Photoshop to help the person selling an NFT made it. The function is called “Content Credentials“, And will allow NFT sellers to link the Adobe ID to their crypto wallet, allowing compatible marketplaces to show a certificate proving the work is genuine. Let’s find out more about it then.

Photoshop: the “Prepare an NFT” function is coming

According to reports recently by Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer of Adobe, the “Prepare an NFT” function will soon be integrated into Photoshop. Thanks to the new option, the attribution data created from the content credentials will live on an IPFS system. And NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin and SuperRare will be able to integrate with “Content Credentials” to show Adobe attribution information. A useful solution to avoid the theft of works of art in the NFT world.

On the other hand, anyone can coin an NFT, even if they don’t own the copyright of the content, and there’s really nothing the blockchain can do to stop it. Indeed, it is often possible to pass an NFT as authentic when it is absolutely not, which represents a great dilemma for sellers and buyers. And now, while Photoshop doesn’t prevent digital art theft, it will still prove that the NFT you’re selling is genuine. Absolutely not minted and / or stolen.

Indeed, in the case of artists who care about anonymity, the system will find a way to provide content credentials verified by the company in charge of authenticating his work. By doing so, it will be possible to verify the NFTs before purchasing them. An important detail. And not just for Adobe.