Picking up the Fitbit Ionic isn’t enough: Google is in trouble

Ritirare i Fitbit Ionic non è sufficiente: Google è nei guai thumbnail

In March, Google announced he was voluntarily retiring 1.7 million Fitbit Ionic smartwatches after 78 records found of burns. Now, a recent one lawsuit states that the recall is not enough, arguing that the same flaw concerns all Fitbit devices by Google. Let’s find out all the details together.

Google’s Fitbit Ionic problem

According to court documents, all smartwatches e fitness tracker Fitbit they share the same flaw – a tendency to overheat. The complaint also alleges that Fitbit tried to divert the blame on “consumer hygiene” when users reported incidents, and that the recall does not compensate adequately the owners of Ionic. The complaint states:

Reasonable consumers buy products to burn calories – not their skin – and to safely pursue a healthy lifestyle with the help of a smartwatch.

The two plaintiffs in the case had both purchased devices from the line Versa – a Versa Lite and a Versa 2 – not the Ionic. Furthermore, the complaint shows user burns photos which had other devices, including the Sense, Versa 3, Blaze, Inspire, and Inspire 2.

The core of the lawsuit is the following accusation: Fitbit has withdrawn the Ionic model but it didn’t do this for its other devices, although they can cause harm to users. As a result, customers might not be aware they are carrying a potential danger in place. Notably, the case feeds fears that customers might be wearing a faulty smartwatch on a flight.

The court documents also include several screenshot of responses to @FitbitSupport where customers were frustrated with long waits it’s a unresponsive customer service while trying to get refunds for recently retired Ionic devices.

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