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Apple Watch and AI to detect heart pump problems

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic they created a artificial intelligence algorithm able to use ECG single-lead taken from Apple Watch to detect problems at the heart pump. Research data was shared at the Heart Rhythm Society conference. Let’s find out all the details together.

Apple Watch helps detect heart pump problems

A weak heart pumpo left ventricular dysfunctionis a problem that affects the 3% of people around the world, and up to 9% of people over 60. As the atrial fibrillationAnother heart problem the Apple Watch can detect, a weak heart pump can have no symptoms.

Paul FriedmanChair of the department of cardiovascular medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, said it was “absolutely remarkable” that there is an AI that can use a consumer ECG watch to detect the condition.

The ECG function on the Apple Watch is a Single-lead ECGwhich requires users to place a finger on the digital crown Apple Watch for 30 seconds. The results are uploaded to the Apple Health app and can be shared with i medical professionals. ECGs are designed to help detect the atrial fibrillation; however ECG functionality, and other Apple Watch features, are also being studied for detection of other conditions.

A standard ECG uses 12 electrodes that are placed on the cheston arms and on legs of a person to monitor the electrical signals of the heart. To use the Apple Watch’s single-lead ECG results, the researchers have modified an existing 12-lead algorithmknown to be able to detect a weak heart muscle.

An accurate test

The study included 125,610 ECGs collected over a six month period from 46 states and 11 countries. Several hundred participants performed clinical tests for measure the force of the pump; that data was then used to determine if the Apple Watch could detect a problem. Paul Friedman said:

Although our data is premature, the test had an area under the curve of 0.88; this means that the device is as good as or slightly better than a test doctor su tapis roulant. The watch’s ECG AI analysis is a powerful test for identifying a weak heart pump.

The researchers plan to carry out further tests in other countries to demonstrate the benefit of single-lead ECG function of the Apple Watch. For Friedman this is the future of medicine: diagnose in economically serious illnesses from your sofa.

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