Pink Floyd land on TikTok with an official account

Pink Floyd land on TikTok with an official account

Not even the historic British band has resisted the call of the social network: Pink Floyd created their official TikTok account today. The group brings its entire music catalog to the platform, which includes 15 albums. This means that TikTokers will now be able to create content using fragments of the band’s iconic songs, which just today 50 years ago entered the studio to record a revolutionary album: The Dark Side of the Moon, released in March 1973.

The official Pink Floyd account on TikTok

From today, TikTok users will be able to enjoy audio clips from the band’s entire career, including Waters period songs such as Comfortably Numb and the iconic Another Brick in The Wall (Part II) from The Wall disc. Of course, Money from The Dark Side Of The Moon is no exception, a record that made history and revolutionized record productions. Just today – May 30 – simultaneously with the landing on TikTok, the British band celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first day of recordings of the aforementioned album. What better way to celebrate, then, than to include Money, Breathe, Brain Damage in a TikTok video?

Pink Floyd, in the course of their long career, have faced several eras. After their psychedelic beginnings with Syd Barrett, the group had found a certain choral balance until the Waters era. After the release of the latter it was David Gilmour who took the reins of the group, who just a few months ago released a new song under the name Pink Floyd: Hey hey Rise Up, a hymn for peace in Ukraine sung by Andriy Khlyvnyuk . In our song review we wrote: “this is a Pink Floyd song. Although there is little or nothing of Pink Floyd ”.

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