PlayStation VR2 could arrive in early 2023

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Sony will start mass production of PlayStation VR2 in second half of 2022, with the aim of one launch date early 2023. According to sources in the headset’s supply chain, Sony aims to produce around 1.5 million units within the year.

PlayStation VR2, launch date in early 2023

The leaker Ming-Chi Kuo usually writes scoop on Apple device manufacturing. But this time the expert appears to have contacted sources in Sony’s supply chain. In fact, he tweeted that PS VR2 production could start very soon. with 1.5 million units launched by 2022.

Kuo explained that the launch date may vary based on the development of games for the platform. Indeed Sony aims to have over 20 titles, between games of own production and third-party software houses. But it should still aim for a launch in early 2023.

“My last check with the supply chain suggests that the assembler and several suppliers of the PS VR2 components will start there mass production of approximately 1.5 million units by 2022”Explains Kuo. But that underlines how “Sony could launch it in the first quarter of 2023, a second in the PS VR2 game development program ″.

He also added that “I believe PS VR2 will have a good start with the support of over 20 first and third-party titles at launch. Sony’s position and resources in the gaming industry can accelerate the development of AAA VR games (such as Horizon Call of the Mountain), helping the growth of VR “.

Sony has already confirmed that it is State of Play of 2 June will include several developments regarding PlayStation VR2. Some sources suggest it is CoD Modern Warfare 2 that Killzone will have VR modes. So Sony could launch their device just in time.

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