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Piwik PRO, l’alternativa privacy-friendly a Google Analytics

The very recent provision of our Privacy Guarantor caused a sensation. Which, aligning with previous decisions of similar Austrian and French authorities, has essentially considered Google Analytics outlawed. For what reason?

Because, as can be read in a note published on the Guarantor’s website, “The website that uses the Google Analytics service, without the guarantees provided by the EU Regulation, violates the legislation on data protection. Because it transfers user data to the United States, a country without an adequate level of protection. “

And now, we said in an article, Italian companies that use Google Analytics services risk incurring penalties.

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Normative VS technology

In the context of web data analysis, technology and legislation are constantly looking for a correct balance of interests.

In July 2020 the Privacy Shield, the reference agreement used by organizations to transfer data from the European Union to the United States, was found illegal. This is the Schrems II ruling of the European Court of Justice, which unlawfully established the transfer of users’ personal data to countries (such as the United States) where levels of protection similar to those offered by the GDPR are not guaranteed.

Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of Piwik PRO, spoke on the matter. Zawadziński said: “Although the EU and the US announced at the end of March 2022 the achievement of a post Privacy Shield agreement, there is still no concrete proposal. And, given the high data protection standards of the European Union, it is not so obvious that there will ever be ”.

How to do without Google Analytics?

The veto on Google Analytics looks set to extend: Dutch and Norwegian data protection authorities have also indicated that they will follow in the footsteps of their Austrian and Spanish colleagues.

But how to do it, and what other programs to turn to, if the service of the Mountain View giant in Italy is undoubtedly the most used in the field of web analytics?

Is there an alternative, which does not expose you to risks regarding the processing and transfer of data?

E Google Analytics 4?

Google has announced that starting from July 1, 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be on the market. However, it is not free from privacy and compliance problems.

“Given the great importance acquired by the issue of privacy protection both at the legislative level and among consumers, the time has come for companies, brands and publishers to look for valid alternatives capable of guaranteeing compliance with the GDPR. With a good analytical solution, it is, in fact, possible to collect data effectively and in full respect of user privacy ”, says the CEO of Piwik PRO.

Maciej Zawadzinski CEO of Piwik PROMaciej Zawadziński, CEO di Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO

There is at least one privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics, and it is the aforementioned Piwik PRO.

The software was born from the need to answer four questions. What should be done to protect data in compliance with the rules of the GDPR. What is that?

  • Where are the data centers where user data is stored?
  • In which country is the supplier officially registered and where does it have its registered office?
  • Is the data stored in encrypted form? Who owns the encryption keys?
  • Is the data transferred to the United States in unencrypted form?
  • To comply with the rules of the GDPR it is therefore essential to choose a European supplier capable of guaranteeing the archiving of data in data centers on the European territory. It is able at the same time to guarantee the exclusive sharing of encryption keys with the client brand or publisher. So that the data transfer to the United States takes place in encrypted form.

    Piwik PRO is therefore born from these guidelines, one of the most complete and advanced analytics suites on the market today.

    The features of Piwik PRO

    Piwik PRO software was developed to provide valuable marketing information and comply with GDPR regulations, which today Google Analytics does not guarantee. Data collection becomes exactly as it should be: accurate and respectful.

    Piwik PRO provides customers with powerful and privacy-compliant proprietary analytics software. In addition to high-level support – from onboarding to training to customer success management – which allows you to get the best results from your data.

    The Piwik PRO Analytics Analytics Suite provides flexible data collection and reporting. But also consent management, tag management and a customer data platform.

    Piwik PRO already includes the Netherlands Government, Crédit Agricole and Greiner among its clients.

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