Must-see cartoons on Netflix for a fun night out

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If you are looking for a way to pass a relaxing and fun evening at home, the ideal is to spoil a few hours comfortably seated on the sofa to see something that will distract you for a while

In these cases, there is nothing better than a good cartoon that can make you smile in any situation. The only thing you need is a TV, your remote and great internet connectionso if you haven’t done so yet, it would be advisable to inform you and have internet without a landline, so you can get an excellent subscription at advantageous prices. If you’ve already finished what you wanted to see on Disney +, too Netflix offers some cartoons not to be missed. So let’s see in this article some tips to be able to immediately start laughing.

The Secret Life of Pets

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is an animated film from 2016 that will make you more than a smile. A lively comedy on ours pets and how they live their days when we leave them alone to go to school or work. In the story, some little friends in a Manhattan condominium spend their days having as much fun as they can while waiting for their human beings. The dog who lives on the upper floors of the building, Max, loves his mistress Katie madly and is convinced that she is the center of his universe. But he will have a bad awakening when she brings home a stray named Duke. A nice duo who will find themselves, in spite of themselves, the protagonists of a series of misadventures and to team up against a bunny named Nervosetto and his army of abandoned animals.

Tom & Jerry – He movie

There are classics that never set, like the Tom and Jerry stories, the most famous enemies in the world of cartoons. This animated film dates back to 1992, when Phil Roman directed the first feature film starring the cat and mouse famous for their series of animated shorts. It is a moving story on the importance of friendship and family valueswhich will make you excited and smile at the same time.


Raise your hand if you don’t know Shrek, the cutest ogre in cinema. The first animated film dedicated to this character dates back to 2001 and was based on William Steig’s 1990 fairy tale of the same name. This cartoon on its release in theaters was widely praised by critics for animation, vocal interpretations, soundtrack, script and humor and to this day is still the protagonist of numerous shows and musicals. It was a product, in fact, that immediately aimed to turn both adults and children. The story is about Shrek, a big green ogre who lives in complete solitude inside a wooden house in a swamp and who prefers to avoid any contact. In fact, humans have always been afraid of orcs and consider them bad, but, in reality, despite Shrek appearing grumpy and lonely in the eyes of all, in the end he is good and unselfish. His adventures will intertwine with those of a talking donkey named Donkey, who will become his trusted friend and a princess named Fiona, with whom he will fall in love.

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