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Pixel Fold, Google’s foldable spotted on the subway

Just about everything can be found in the New York subway: even a prototype of Pixel Fold, the foldable that Google could launch shortly. In fact, it seems that an employee of the company tested it on his way to the office.

Google Pixel Fold spotted on the subway in New York

During product development, it is not uncommon for employees test prototypes outside the company. This is a great way to evaluate the device in a real environment, which allows you to pinpoint defects and discover areas that may need improvement. But at the same time, this carries the risk that someone will get an early “peek” at the hardware. Something that seems to have happened with Google’s next Pixel Fold.

A Reddit user who was on the subway line A in New York in fact, he claims to have seen a Google employee on the same train. The latter was apparently trying to cover up the device. The Reddit user claims that the employee was using a foldable phone which, according to him, it looked like a Pixel Fold.

pixel fold design saw subway prototype min 1

According to the Reddit user, the device is slim, dark blue or black in color. It has thin edges on the outside. The user also provided some images where it appears that the person in question is watching a video on YouTube.

From the blurry images it seems difficult to draw conclusions. Photos are not ideal for identifying the device in the person’s hands. It could very well be another leaflet, which the user bought himself. And it’s also not possible to confirm whether the user is actually a Google employee.

In short, the certainties will only come with the official launch of the device. We will keep you posted.

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