Pixel Tablet, le varianti di colore mostrate in anteprima a Milano thumbnail

Pixel Tablet, the color variants previewed in Milan

Google is preparing the launch of its new tablet Pixelwhich is expected to be unveiled at the conference I/O of this year. Some images captured at the Google installation at Milan Design Week 2023 gave us a preview of what the device will look like and the colors available for Pixel Tablet.

Pixel Tablet, the colors of the Google product revealed

You can see the color variations on Saori Masuda’s Instagram profile (the last post by scrolling to the right of the link). Showing the company’s installation at Milan Design Week 2023, where Google exhibited its products Nest e Pixel. Among these was also a Pixel tablet, similar to the prototype that Google itself shared last year (in a single color).

You can see them in the video three color variants of the Pixel Tablet: pink/coral, beige and green. This is the first time we see the coral color. But there may also be another color hidden by Google, as previously rumored.

Google Pixel Tablet stylyus min

The video also shows four pins to connect the tablet to the dock, plus a built-in magnet underneath the device to keep it in place. This makes sense because Google wants the tablet to be used as one as well smart home screen.

At I/O last year, Google introduced the Pixel Tablet with a dock similar to those of Nest Hubs. Like these, the tablet should also have a privacy switch to mute the microphone and camera. However, the tablets seen in Milan don’t seem to have this button. We don’t know if these are the final models, so there may be some changes before launch.

With I/O approaching, we shouldn’t have to wait long to see the Pixel Tablet in all its beauty, along with the long-awaited Google Pixel 7a e Pixel Fold.

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