PizzaGPT è il clone che tenta di aggirare il blocco di ChatGPT in Italia thumbnail

PizzaGPT is the clone that tries to bypass the ChatGPT block in Italy

As we have reported in more detail in this dedicated article, ChatGPT was blocked in Italy following the concerns of the Privacy Guarantor.

However, it only took a few days for the web to organize itself and create its own version of the popular OpenAi chatbot. In fact, it was born on the weekend PizzaGPT, an unofficial clone. An all-Italian attempt to bypass the ChatGPT block.

What is PizzaGPT: the ChatGPT clone in Italy

PizzaGPT was born from the idea of ​​an Italian user who lives abroad. The chatbot uses Nuxt 3, Tailwind and DaisyUI, relying on OpenAI’s turbo-3.5 model API for chat and interface. Translated it means that, although the aesthetics appear decidedly more rudimentary (let’s say like a homemade pizza), PizzaGPT’s answers shouldn’t differ too much from ChatGPT’s.

PizzaGPT is available for free at this link.

In the meantime, Bing Chat remains online, the Microsoft Bing AI based on GPT 4. At the moment, probably the best conversational artificial intelligence on the web.

Will ChatGPT be available again?

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We recall that the indefinite blocking of ChatGPT came directly from OpenAi, the chatbot’s parent company, after the Privacy Guarantor had only temporarily suspended the AI. In a tweet Sam Altmanthe founder of OpenAi, stated that the maneuver is only preventive and that ChatGPT complies with all user privacy laws. Altman also said that OpenAi will work with the Italian government to resolve this dispute shortly.

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