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The new Alexa voice commands for training at home

On the occasion of World Sports Day, Alexa introduces new voice commands for an effective yet fun workout. A sort of personalized personal trainer, only who will speak only if asked. Convenient, right?

The new voice commands are available from today on all devices that integrate the world’s most loved voice assistant. Whether it’s to keep fit or just for the sake of training, Alexa today becomes the perfect ally. But now no more talk, let’s discover all the new integrated voice commands.

Alexa voice commands for training

A good workout is made up of rest times and repetitions. Alexa can now set the timer for each individual exercise, so that she will notify you when it’s time to rest (or stop). It will be enough to say “Alexa, how much time left?” o “Alexa, pause/resume timer” to have everything under control without having to look at the clock.

The more habitual, those who like to train every day, can create a Routine specific. You can also ask Alexa to wake you up with your favorite song. After all, a good awakening is the first step. If, on the other hand, you are careless (or it suits you to be careless to have the excuse of “ops, I forgot to train today”), there is the setting of memorandum. No more excuses!

In the end Alexa provides several dedicated Skills at training. Saying “Alexa, apri seven minute workout you can access a seven-minute high-intensity training program. The 5 Minute Workout: Core & Cardio skill lets you practice some quick exercises you can do at home in just five minutes. Other more specific skills are Pushup Workout | Pushups (for push-ups), or Sit Up Workout | Tone your Abs (to tone up and get a six-pack that everyone will envy).

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