PJ Masks Heroes of the night: release date revealed

The release date of PJ Masks: Heroes of the Night has been revealed, the video game inspired by the cartoon of the same name dedicated to children

Fans of the well-known cartoon produced by Entertainment One PJ Masks will be happy to learn that a video game dedicated to it is about to be released on the market. Following the official announcement, the release date of the PJ Masks Heroes of the night, the title that will allow fans of the well-known cartoon dedicated to children to take control of its protagonists.

PJ Masks Heroes of the night: here is the release date of the game

The exit date PJ Masks’s Heroes of the Night has been set for the next one October 29. The trailer through which we learned this date also reveals some details of the gameplay of the game. The video game is a 3D platformer and gives the possibility to play in the role of all three protagonists of the cartoon. Each of the three characters, Catboy, Owlette and Gecko, will have unique skills at their disposal, useful for solving the different obstacles that the player will be called to face. Some levels of the game will also include the possibility of piloting the Cat-car, the Gekko-Mobile and the Owl-Glider: the famous vehicles owned by superheroes.

The title, which represents the first try to make a video game based on PJ Masks, was developed by Outright Games, a development studio specializing in the creation of games derived from cartoons and toy lines (such as, for example, Blaze and the Mega Machines). The title will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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