Planet of Lana: official announcement at the Summer Game Fest

Yesterday’s Summer Game Fest revealed many titles coming out in the coming months. Among these, the announcement of Planet of Lana stands out, a platform adventure with a strong artistic sensitivity

Although the event that went in streaming yesterday was practically monopolized by a few important titles, some minor works have still managed to carve out their space. Among these, we point out the announcement of Planet of Lana, sliding platformer coming out in 2022. The title, developed by the independent studio Wishfully Studios, is described by the subtitle as “an extraterrestrial odyssey”. Let’s find out the details.

From Wishfully Studios, here’s the announcement of Planet of Lana

One of several surprises of yesterday’s Summer Game Fest event was the announcement of Planet of Lana. Surely this was the title, which, of all indie presented, was the most convincing. Developed by the independent studio Wishfully and published by Thunderful. The game is set on a distant planet and sees Lana and his partner Mui face what appears to be an alien invasion. From what could be seen in the trailer, the title is a platform sliding with the particularity of having all the backgrounds, screenshots and characters entirely hand painted.

Planet of Lana: official announcement at the Summer Game Fest

In addition, it promises a cinematic approach with glimpses breathtaking and the encounter with strange creatures. In addition to the platforming and puzzle solving phases, the two protagonists will also have to act in stealth to overcome the enemies. As well as cooperate combining their respective skills to achieve new gameplay solutions. The title will be available in 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC consoles. Finally, these last two platforms will offer a resolution 4K a 60fps. More details on the gameplay and the story, which stretches across galaxies and centuries, will be available more forward. Hopefully at this point in the Xbox-Bethesda event.

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