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Play God: The new God Simulator puts us in the shoes of the High Chief

Here comes a divine game – in every sense – that will allow you to hear people’s prayers and feel omnipotent: God Simulator, to play God on PC.

The God Simulator Trailer: A strategic simulation game to feel omnipotent

The life of the entire planet – indeed the universe – is in your hands: what would you do if you were god? Humans are whiny beings, and it’s up to you to decide whether to welcome their prayers or to reveal yourself to be wicked and merciless. In short, with God Simulator – and the name says it all – you can literally play God. After all, the world of video games has now created a simulator for everything, so what why not develop a game that puts us in the shoes of the Chief Executive? The title, developed by S2 Games, consists of a strategic video game and it is already possible to add it to your Steam wishlist. When it comes out? Only God knows. In the meantime, however, we have the official trailer.

What can you do in the video game? All. After all, you created the world. Choose whether to be a beloved deity, who welcomes the prayers of human beings, or reveal the devil to you. On the one hand a peaceful Earth full of happiness, on the other a world in flames to the sound of rock’n’roll. Both tempting alternatives, but beware of talking too much about them in the catechism. In short, God Simulator is a game that fills us with responsibility: an entire planet – and individual lives – which depend on our decision. Here are some of the gameplay features:

  • Will you be an understanding God or will you punish sinners? The choices you face will affect your credibility: will you forgive even sinners like a good Samaritan or will he have no mercy on their souls? Be warned though: the situation could get out of hand.
  • More notifications from Elon Musk. One prayer a day keeps the devil away. But that prayer must be multiplied by all the inhabitants, and you must read them all. Have you always wondered how Santa Claus does with gifts? A question that is nothing compared to the lives that you will have to manage
  • White dress and wings or pitchfork and horns? And the player created God in his image and likeness: customize your divinity, if white doesn’t match your person feel free to add glitter. After all, he is your God, create him with style. And who says pitchforks are out of place?

“Our continued efforts to develop and release indie games that entertain led us to God Simulator! We couldn’t be happier to bring this wacky game to life! ” He announced Mike Jadore, Creative Director of S2 Games. “We love letting our creativity run wild in the studio and we’ve tried to show it in our art style, as well as in the choices people will be able to make as they play, so we hope you enjoy it!”

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