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Play – Videogame art and beyond: an exhibition inside the Reggia di Venaria

Six months of exhibition dedicated to the art of videogames (and videogames) at the Royal Palace of Venaria, in Turin. All starting today – July 22, 2022 – with the presentation of Play – Videogame arte and beyond, that will be open to the public until January 15, 2023. The initiative was born with the aim of celebrating video games as a tenth form of art, paying homage to over three billion people around the world who practice themand reflecting on the impact that gaming has on contemporary society.

An exhibition on videogames in the Rooms of the Arts of the Reggia di Venaria

The exhibition can be visited at the Sala delle Arti of the Reggia, and will be an opportunity to reflect on video games and their form. In fact, they present themselves as a perfect mix of architecture, painting, sculpture, music, performing arts, poetry, cinema and comics. Very different art forms, which coexist in the meta worlds made by the developers and loved and populated by the players.

Hiro by Silvio Giordano 2022 Written

Moreover, during the summer, the Reggia opens its doors also in the evening for the Summer Sere campaign at the Reggia. Thanks to the special hours it will be possible to visit it until 10.30 pm on every Friday and Saturdayuntil August 14.

During these evenings there will be music and dance appointments, in addition to Venaria Light Show – The Great Game, a “real” video game of interaction and creative cooperation, specially created for the Royal Palace. An ideal and interactive continuation of the exhibition.

For more information, please refer to the official website.

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