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Steve Jobs’s Apple-1 is up for auction

UThe Apple-1 unit is up for auction starting today. This is a very special unit, destined to attract the attention of many collectors. The new Apple-1 on auction starting today, in fact, it belonged to Steve Jobs, founder of the company. This small but crucial detail should allow the auction to reach record figures. Here are all the details on the auction.

Apple-1: a unit that belonged to Steve Jobs up for auction

There’s time until next August 19th to participate in the auction to try to buy the unit of Apple-1 belonged to Steve Jobs. The offers have already started and, at the moment, the amount required to try to buy the prototype is 252 thousand dollars.

Over the next few weeks, however, that figure is expected to rise significantly. In fact, in a few, 14 offers have already arrived. Collectors all over the world are preparing to offer much higher figures. The auction site, RRAUCTION, estimates a worth more than $ 500,000.

The unit for sale was hand welded by Steve Wozniak and used by the company to get its first customer, the partner shop The Byte Shop. For all the details on the auction and to try to buy the Apple-1 you can refer to RRAUCTION site. As previously pointed out, there is time until August 19th to participate in the auction.

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