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Playing or working in VR: Meta headsets are the perfect gift

The Christmas holidays are less and less, and it’s time to start the hunt for the perfect gift, which can make the people dear to us happy, so much so as to deserve the applause of Santa Claus himself, Meta’s VR headsets can be the perfect gift for you

If you want to give a gift that really impresses and you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, virtual reality is definitely your best bet! In this sense, with Meta you are on the safe side, thanks to its two stand-alone viewers dedicated to gaming and at workwhich allow to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

For the most avid video gamers or those who have always been passionate about virtual reality experiences, Meta Quest 2 it’s the perfect gift. The VR system all-in-one by Meta was designed to allow you to explore breathtaking games and experiences with unparalleled freedom: no PC or console required.

The ultra-high resolution display allows for extraordinary visual clarity. Thanks for the resolution 1832×1920 pixel per eye, the aspect of content will go every expectation, from games to simple videos to 360°. In addition to playing, with Meta Quest 2 you will be able to attend concerts or exclusive events in the front row, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Available in versions from 128GB (€449,99) e 256GB (€549.99), can be purchased on the official website. Promotional Bundle with 128GB + R headsetesident Evil 4 VR e Beat Saber included, while stocks last: 399,99 euro.

Playing or working in VR: Meta headsets are the perfect gift

VR Meta Quest Pro

For those who are always looking for innovative tools that can facilitate their work and give an edge to the business, the new viewer Meta Quest Pro makes for an incredibly appropriate and appreciable gift. Presented at Meta Connect 2022it is the first of the new series of viewers high-end VR high-end.

Equipped with innovative features such as high-resolution sensors that enable immersive experiences mixed reality color, new generation lenses and display LCD technologies that deliver sharp images, features an all-new stylish and comfortable design, complete with guided fit adjustment, eye tracking and natural facial expressions for enhanced social presence.

Meta Quest Pro was designed to support a wide range of collaboration and productivity tools that allow you to integrate work into the physical world and have a vast virtual space for the multitasking. It is ideal for planners, architects, engineers, designers and anyone looking to boost their workflow and boost their creativity!
Purchasable on the official website at a cost of €1799,99.

Good fun!

Now you just have to study your targets well, choose the right viewer and get ready to make a great impression! And what do you think of these two Meta headsets? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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