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PlayStation 5: a new update full of news is coming

Sony has just announced that a new PlayStation 5 update will be released tomorrow September 15th. According to what was declared by the Japanese giant, this update will be really massive and will implement several improvements regarding the user interface, trophies, 3D audio and, above all, the memory expansion of the SSD.

PlayStation 5: the new update arrives

Taking a look at the PlayStation Blog the first thing that catches the eye are the news regarding the user interface, which will allow us to customize our command center more deeply. In fact, we can move or hide the various menu options and the Game Base will allow us to write messages directly to friends and parties.

Still as regards the interface, now the PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game will appear separate, indicating the reference platform. There is also a new Trophy progress tracker, which allows you to track the progress of five trophies per game from the Control Center.

PlayStation 5 update

Big news anthat for 3D audio, which with this update will also be possible to play through the speakers integrated into our TV. To do this it will be necessary to measure the acoustics of the room we are in using the microphone of the DualSense wireless controller to apply the best 3D audio setting for the reference environment.

Finally, the most interesting part of this update concerns the possibility of take advantage of the M.2 SSD memory expansion of the console. This feature has been long overdue by many users, as the console boasts 825GB of available space. Surely an archive of decent size, but one that promises to run out of many quickly with all the titles that are about to arrive during the autumn.

Big news is coming therefore, which will take the new Sony console to new heights of comfort and which we are sure will simplify the life of many.

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