PlayStation 5 and 4: the new update is available with many new features

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Starting today they will be available via update new system software features PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 4, including the ability to create open and closed parties. On PS5, we are also introducing improvements to the Game Base user interface, Trophy tabs, accessibility features such as mono audio for headphones and “PRO Tips” for using various console features.

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4: the new update is available

The PS app will also receive some updates to the Game Base user interface, while the PS Remote Play mobile app will feature a new “dark mode” based on users’ phone settings and see the implementation of new languages. On PlayStation Blog There are also new details on PS5 VRR on HDMI 2.1 compatible TVs and PC monitors, which are expected to be released in the coming months.

On compatible TVs and PC monitors with HDMI 2.1, VRR dynamically synchronizes the display refresh rate with the graphics output of the PS5 console. This improves the visual performance of PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts, such as frame pacing issues and screen tearing.

Gameplay in many PS5 titles is smoother with instant scene rendering, sharper graphics, and reduced input lag. Previously released PS5 games will be able to be fully optimized for VRR via a game patch, while future games may include VRR support as early as launch.

Finally, the users of the app PS Remote Play for mobile devices can take advantage of a new “dark mode” depending on their phone settings and choose from new screen reader languages ​​for iOS and Android, including Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese (traditional and simplified).

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