The eyes of Tammy Faye, the film coming to Disney +

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Among the top titles of last season of the awards for the Cinema, there is “The eyes of Tammy Faye”, the film coming to Disney + on March 23, 2022

Tammy Faye’s Eyes is available from the comfort of your home on Disney +. The film, released from February 3 after the preview at the Rome Film Festival, represents a new movie in the catalog Disney+ from now, 23 March 2022. “Tammy Faye’s eyes”, he films Oscar nominee and much discussed during last season of the cinema awards, is coming comfortably to watch from our sofa.

Tammy Faye e Jim Bakker

The film tells the extraordinary and absurd life of the telepredicatrice Tammy Faye Bakker and of suo marito Jim Bakker. Mr. and Mrs. Bakker gave birth to the largest religious broadcaster existing in the world. However, the two soon found themselves embroiled in economic intrigues, rivalries and a sex scandal that broke their marriage and empire they had built in the 1970s and 1980s.

Tammy Faye was of humble origins and understood the mechanisms to use to exploit hers great ability to persuade that can be exercised on people. Her face was absolutely identifiable in that period, characterized by the her gaze with large eyes and long lashes. The enthusiasm he transmitted to people was aimed at everyone, without differences between social classes. In this way she was able to create a television network and a religious theme parka huge space for sharing messages of love and advice. Accept yourself and others as we are.

It all sounded interesting and engaging, but at its peak, what became an empire began to collapse. Tammy Faye found herself immersed in financial scandals, rivalries with other colleagues and intrigues in running the network. The figure of him, the image of him was completely overturned.

The eyes of Tammy Faye, the film coming to Disney +

Jessica Chastain protagonist of excellence

Tammy Faye’s eyes“, Or with the title in English”The Eyes of Tammy Faye”Is a genre film Drama, History of 2021. Directed by Michael Showalter and distributed in Italy by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italia.

Its protagonists are Andrew Garfield and the very good Jessica Chastain. The actress was nominated for an Oscar for her deep and intense portrayal of this iconic TV personality. Also to consider that she, another nomination, she was entrusted to the “Best Make-Up” for the transformation of Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield for these roles.

Nel cast vediamo altri attori quali  Cherry Jones, Vincent D’Onofrio, Mark Wystrach, Sam Jaeger. Louis Cancelmi, Gabriel Olds, Fredric Lehne, Chandler Head, Jay Huguley. Dan Johnson, Grant Owens, Coley Canpany, Craig Newkirk. Kimberly Parker, Alan Boell, Randall P. Havens, Lila Jane Meadows, Carolyn Mints.

Feel free to watch the trailer below and write us your impressions!

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