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PlayStation 5: here’s what changes in the new model

For several days there has been constant talk of a new model of PlayStation 5, which could introduce hardware changes that would impact the performance of the next generation Sony console. The offending PS5 would be the model CFI-1102A, introduced on the market without any kind of official communication and now available in some parts of the world. Let’s try to understand what changes compared to the normal PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5: what changes in the new model?

The model CFI-1102A, for now only marketed in New Zealand and Australia, was recently put under a magnifying glass by YouTuber Austin Evans and the Digital Foundry editorial team. Both of these companies have provided a pretty accurate account of what changes from the “standard” model of PlayStation 5.

The first, and also the least significant, difference of the new PS5 concerns the weight of the console. The 2021 model in fact weighs 3.6 kg, in spite of the 3.9 kg of the original console. A waste of 300 grams therefore, probably due to the difference in the materials used. We also report that these measurements refer to the PS5 Digital, or the version of the console without the blue ray player.

PlayStation 5 new model

Among the technical characteristics, however, it is impossible not to notice a smaller heatsink, even if the difference in terms of performance in this case is minimal: in fact we are talking about just one decibel compared to the traditional model. Still talking about performance, this PS5 model CFI-1102A seems to consume up to 5W more in some specific situations, but the latter information should be tested more extensively.

Much more significant is the change made to the console fan, which is identical in terms of weight and size, but has a completely different design, which should help the machine improve its performance. This factor, according to Evans, would make the new model even quieter, but even from this point of view it is necessary to wait to have the console in your hands to get a precise idea.

Finally it is also present a screw at the base which makes it possible to attach it to the stand even without using a screwdriver.

Upgrade o downgrade?

In the face of the sale of this new model of PS5, many have defined it as an improvement, albeit marginal, of the standard version, or a downgrade in all respects of the latter. The truth, as often happens in these cases, lies somewhere in between.

It is indeed important to understand that this new incarnation of PlayStation 5 was born with a very specific goal from Sony. That of reduce production costs, optimizing consumption and reducing the overall weight of the machine. This will is quite evident from the fact that none of the technical specifications have been affected by this change.

PlayStation 5 new model

It follows that, in all likelihood, both with the standard model and with this new version you will end up with a console almost identical to its counterpart, without noticing any difference whatsoever. It is no coincidence that, in terms of aesthetic impact, the two models are absolutely identical.

The hope that we can certainly do is that these changes will help make PS5 a little easier to produce and distribute on the market, even if the situation still seems characterized by the scarcity of the necessary components.

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